Gosh, I'm acknowledged!

A friend of mine has written a book! It’s the first of a fantasy trilogy, and her launch was today, which I was invited to and attended.

So far I have only read one chapter, but it looks like it’s going to be a good read.

Anyway, this friend of mine, Trudi, used to be my penpal a decade or more ago, and we thought we’d co-write a novel together. Ha! Typical teemagey thing to do, way too ambitious a project for people so low on skill and talent.

I didn’t really pursue writing much, only in pieces here and there, and the closest I’ve come to being published is getting my cartoons printed or having my TV scripts made.

Whereas Trudi really dedicated some dog work into putting her own fiction novel series together, which to me is much more impressive.

I was pleasantly surprised, hpwever, to hear her acknowledge me in her speech today! I wasn’t expecting that.

But even cooler - I got my copy of her book today, asked her to sign it and all, and lo and behold - my name is in the acknowledgements at the start!

Woohoo! That is just too cool!

Who else here has had that happen to them?

I’ve been thanked in the acknowledgments of three books, two by the same author. In all three cases I was the copyeditor of the book, but the mention of my name was totally unsolicited. And very exciting! Sometimes when I’m in a bookstore, I go and find “my” books for the little shivering thrill of seeing my name in there.

“Copyeditor Scarlett was remarkably thorough, and her work was much appreciated.” sigh It doesn’t get any better than that, when you have a job that, when you do it well, is invisible.

Congrats, Lad! No one’s ever thanked me in print; that must be wonderful. I always read the acknowledgments in books, and the copyright information. I just have to know everything I guess.

And Scarlett, editors are why most writers sound so good. I wish I had a better one, right now.

And the book would be…?

Taking a Google guess . . . is it Trudi Canavan, Changer of Days: Book I?

Yes, Trudi Canavan - but it’s called The Magician’s Guild Book I of the Black Magician Trilogy.

It used to have a different title, but somewhere along the line it was changed. I think it was gonna be ‘The Magician’s Guild Trilogy’ and the first one titled ‘Apprentice’. Or ‘Acolyte’. Or something.

(Changer of Days is another upcoming Harper/Collins book by a different author)