Got any "anti gamer" or "video game ignorant" stories?

Let me explain, for lack of a better word for the title. Have you ever met someone who either didn’t really “get” video games. Someone who either thought that “OH NOEZ TEH VIDEO GAMES CORRUPT TEH YOUTH!” or “What are you talking about ‘good story’, ain’t you just running and shooting babies?”

yes well, the zombies never win if you have cheats.

I love when TV shows etc. portray gaming as a nerdy thing, and only nerds know about games like “Calls of Duty” and “the Skyrims.” Meanwhile, in real life, your grandma is playing candy crush, while “you” are 37 with 3 kids and just now finding time to play GTAV.

Also, Jack Thompson and Leland Yee but I haven’t met them.

My wife.

Outside of a few games of Tiger Woods golf 15 years ago, I’ve never played any video games. I do play chess, but not on-line, preferring to play against opponents face-to-face. Chess consumes all the available time I have to allocate to sit-down recreation. I have no interest in ever playing video games, but, considering my own pre-occupation with chess, I don’t pass judgement on gamers.

(My daughter never played video games, as well. I steered her towards chess at an early age.)

Not long ago, I tried to teach how to play Minecraft to a friend who’s twice my age. He could not figure out the concept of using W-A-S-D to move his character. He finally gave up on learning the game, which is probably best because Minecraft really is a game for people who have no lives. :slight_smile:

While I understand the use of WASD in a FPS, why would you see any advantage to WASD over the direction keys in Minecraft?

I don’t remember the name of the raid or the boss, but there’s a raid in World of Warcraft, in Wrath of the Lich King, in which the final boss is a giant demonic beetle. My guild had tried several times to down this boss and were finally successful, just as my wife walked behind my chair on the way to her computer.

Me: Woohoo!
Wife: (looks at screen) You killed a bug?
Me: … a giant bug.
Wife: :dubious:
Me: … a giant DEMON bug!
Wife: Uh-huh.

I have zero interest in video games. I don’t have anything against them, but I just don’t see the appeal. I spend too much time in front of a computer screen as it is.

Unless you completely remap everything, won’t you have to either reach your right had over your left to pull up inventory, etc., or else remove your left hand from the movement keys and move it 6+ inches left. I cannot remember when I realized the glory of WASD. I remember playing DOOM using the mouse OR arrow keys as a movement device, with no mouselook, so left/right turned, not strafed. :eek:

I always remap the keys when I come across a WASD game. I just can’t play it otherwise. I remember playing American Mcgee’s Alice using only directional keys, man that was hard.

While you still see a little of it, moral panic over video games seems to have faded pretty quickly over the last decade or two. There was a brief lived effort by the NRA to try and blame violent video games for the recent spat of school-shootings, but even they don’t seem to be able to get much mileage out of the issue anymore. I think a large enough portion of the population has now grown up with videogames that they don’t really seem as weird and scary as they once did to the adult population.
Now judgemental adults spend all their time worrying that ubiquitous texting is going to turn kids into illiterate idiots with no attention span.

My wife doesn’t really get “proper” video games (Portal, Civilisation, Fallout, etc) but she’s not against them either and - like pretty much everyone else except me - quite happy to play Angry Birds or Candy Crush on her phone.

I agree the moral panic around video games is pretty much gone now, though.

Not “anti”, but ignorant:

A few months ago, I went airsoft shooting with several of my male relatives (the ladies were all having a bridal shower). For those not familiar with airsoft, you have guns that shoot little plastic pellets, slightly painful but not really dangerous, and you use them to play games like Capture the Flag. Well, my 60-something uncle was the oldest person at the site by at least two decades, and he enjoyed himself, but was completely befuddled by the video game terminology everyone else was using. Respawn? What the heck is that?

::raises hand::

I’m AHunter3 and I’m video game ignorant.

I don’t get the attraction people feel for things that go beep zeeee boop doodle boop and focusing so much concentrated attention on trying to get through the maze or stop in the incoming missiles from zapping your city or playing ping pong against an invisible opponent in perpetuity or whatever.

It ranks right up there with defragmenting my hard drive and watching the weather channel as a source of ongoing entertainment.

On the one hand I agree that the vast majority of it was overblown. On the other hand, having recently seen Kung Lao’s “Jewel Splitter” fatality move in Mortal Kombat* I sometimes think a little restraint on the part of game designers would be nice.

*Two-click link to a video because it’s quite disturbing and probably NSFW:Finish Her!

While this still describes some games, there’s been a lot of progress in the story aspect in the last 25 to 40 years.

Yes, ( **pats ZenBeam on the head ** ), I’m sure there has been.

@AHunter3 … is that intended to be as jerkishly condescending as it sounds?

You die and come back and see how you’re feeling! :smiley: