Got any books you just can't find?

I want Philogelos, the ancient Greek joke book, but I can’t find it anywhere! There are a couple of partial copies online, none in my state’s library system, and the only ones for sale I can find online are either not in English or about a billion dollars.

To show you what I’m missing, here’s a joke from it (from the Greek.):

#234. A man with bad breath asked his wife: “Madame, why do you hate me?” And she said in reply: “Because you love me.”

See! It’s funny! And all ancient and stuff.

Anyone else got an elusive book? Or DVD/CD etc.?

The Last Dangerous Visions, by Ellison. :wink:

There’s hope for that! (Apparently.)

I work on ancient languages, and so many of the standard scholarly reference books are long, long out of print, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. I have designated book money, so the high prices aren’t necessarily what kills me-- it’s the fact that so many books are simply not available on the open market!

For the Philogelos, I found a used Teubner listed online for about $70 plus shipping, but that’s in German, and not especially cheap.

:frowning: Makes one want to start a press.

I think for my part it’s Athena punishing me for not taking Greek at uni and opting for the easier options like Latin and various English-language ancient literature courses. (And ultimately abandoning the whole discipline for History.) Damn grudge holding Olympians!

There’s a book on the East India Company called The Honourable Company which appears to be about the only fairly comprehensive overview of the EIC and their activities- but it’s out of print and completely unavailable anywhere, as far as I can tell.

Hey, look! I searched for you, out of curiosity…

The guys ship from the UK:

This one is cheapest and ships from the US:

abebooks is usually pretty good for these things, too.

Well, I might as throw this one in here since it’s a recent loss - To The New Generation (К новому поколению), a collection of essays and speeches by Nikolai Bukharin. Bought it in Russia when I was in St. Petersburg, and it got a bad case of mold so I finally had to throw it out. Never got to read it, and all the websites I’ve found it on indicate they don’t have any in stock.

Thanks for the links! I don’t use eBay (I know entirely too many people who’ve had problems there) but I’ll check abebooks out…

The Occult and the Third Reich by Jean-Michel Angebert

You’ve done nothing that a few thigh-bone offerings and/or a small temple can’t fix.

As risk of using an emoticon, :smiley:

No worries…there are billions of copies at abebooks. I shall correct my slight hyperbole. There are 31. Some relatively cheap!

I am the book fairy!

Fairly dear ebay copy:

abebooks search yielding varied results:

Really? What kind of hope?

I was there when Ellison first started soliciting stories for his new anthology. A good friend of mine sold him the very first story bought for the book. I’ve been watching the progress closely for 38 years.

What don’t I know about what’s changed?

Anyway, the book I want is the Gnome Press trade paperback edition of Clifford Simak’s Cosmic Engineers. Not available anywhere from anyone at any price.

I don’t doubt your Ellison-qualifications but thanks for getting into them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d never heard of it, Googled it, found some dubious claim that he still wants to publish it, and mentioned it. I thought it was equivalent to hope. The end!

The Dune Encyclopedia

Thank you

I’ve been looking for René Brus’s De juwelen van het Huis Oranje-Nassau for a while with no luck.

I loaned out the Dune Encyclopedia back in high school and never got it back.

Phineas Finn is lurking around my house somewhere, but I have no idea where.

Back in the late 60s I had a book called *See the Merino Standing There with His Long Hair. *It apparently was originated by the *Harvard Lampoon. *I’m finding reference to it via Google, but no way to find the book itself.