Got dem 'Ol Outlook Express Blues Again, Mama

Besides being a favorite port of entry for virus attacks, my Outlook Express is pretty much a suck in other ways, too. Such as, I can’t find any newsgroups on it and it doesn’t always turn me loose when I want it to, and when I CTRL ALT DEL out of it to END TASK, next time I access it, it gives me a NOT SHUT DOWN PROPERLY message. I use Win 98, and my IP is BellSouth. Can I just get rid of OE altogether and have my Hotmail account pop up as my e-mail provider or am I stuck?


There’s no reason to remain trapped by Lookout! Expectoration. I’m quite happy with Netscape Messenger, and I have an Excite account forwarded to it. I’m sure you could to the same with Hotmail. I like Messenger much better than Outlook (which we are forced to use at the office). If you want something stand-alone, you might want to do a search on “Eudora”. I don’t think Hotmail can be set to pop up automatically when you get new mail.

Christ, by a iMac then.

May I suggest you remove OE from your system, and get MSN Messenger, it automatically detects new mail (real time) and it works as ICQ does, with a holist, and file transfer enabled.

Sorry if you already knew that.

Christ by an Imac would be a good name for a band.

I don’t use Outlook & i have it on the computer & everything is spiffy.

Try Free Agent from for newsreading & email, it rocks…its free…the paid version is worth it if you can get the free version to work. It’s an independent program, no registry entries.

Been there, tried that. I can’t get it to work for me (the free version). Since Deja is gone, I really miss logging on the Newsgroups and that seems to be the only one supported by Any other suggs?


You couldn’t get Agent going? Hmmm. You just need to input a newserver.

Well, I got chewed out for suggesting you can read the newsgroups with your browser, but I believe you still can. On Netscape under ‘Communicator’ click on Newsgroups. Under’preferences’ ‘newsgroups’ select one of the free ones. if you are using IE, you’ll have to use Outlook to read the news & I haven’t set that up yet.