Got free glassware with a gin bottle: what drink to make in it?

I bought a bottle of Hendrick’s gin, and there was a promotional small tumbler attached to the bottle… it is 4 inches tall, and holds 6 oz of liquid. Picture here

All the gin drinks I know use cocktail, coupe or Tom Collins glassware. What drinks can this one be used for?

Gin and Tonic?

Long Island Iced Tea
Tequila Sunrise
Go old style and make a Tom Collins
Damn, I miss drinking.

Hendrick’s is a fine sipping gin. I know many people would rather drink battery acid, but I rather like gin on the rocks. Otherwise, G&T, Tom Collins, or other 2* ingredient drink. Not lots of room for ice cubes though.

*I know, a proper Collins doesn’t use mix.

Short Island Iced Tea? :dubious:


And it’s too small for a G&T, and MUCH too small for a Tom Collins.

I would use it for a Pink Gin. Fill the glass with ice cubes, give them a squirt or two of Peychaud bitters (preferred) or Angostura bitters (more commonly available), then fill with gin.

Just a plain old gin on the rocks. Or, if you want to get fancier, a martini on the rocks.

A gimlet’s always nice, although I tend to think of that as a summer drink. Four parts gin to one part sweetened lime juice (Rose’s being the typical one. Now, some say get that shit away from their drink, but I like a little Rose’s in my gimlets, along with fresh lime juice and simple syrup. For some reason, I always associate the taste of a gimlet with Rose’s, so it tastes weird to me if it’s completely without it.)