Got my kids a kindle fire for Christmas. The organization of apps/books/videos/etc seems atrocious

I gave each kid their own separate account. But when you go into one kid’s account, as far as I can tell, all the stuff they have access to presents as just basically one giant pile of stuff. There is no making of folders, there is no categorization–just one single row of all their stuff.

I can select specifically for “books,” “videos,” and “apps,” but that’s it.

And to top it all off, if I’m understanding what I’m seeing correctly, everything from the “freetime” subscription is thrown into the mix as well. Again, completely unorganized, no filters.

Who here has dealt with all this? Help me see the way through this. What tools am I missing or not seeing? Admittedly I’ve only messed with it for ten or fifteen minutes so…

There are video tutorials for the various Kindle models here:

If you’re talking about the book files on the Amazon site, yeah, it’s one big pile. On the Kindle itself, you can create collections and sort books into the collections then rank them by Most Recently Read (my default), Title, or Author. The skill is in steering a course between a bazillion categories with two books in each of them, and two categories with a bazillion books in both of them.

Being leery of the cloud, and not buying all of my e-books from Amazon, I archive the files on my HD using Calibre. I really like the Library Management feature and when I use Calibre to load the book file onto the Kindle (via USB), it changes the file name to [Title] [Number] and loads it into a subdirectory of the autohor’s name making it easy to Id the book when poking around the Kindle’s Ram.