psycat has been raving to me about the old Straight Dope TV shows that they had on A&E, with Mike Lucas. Does anyone have all the episodes recorded? I’d love to see them. From what I understand, there’s no copyright infringement issues as far as sharing the tapes, as long as no money changes hands. I’d certainly be willing to send tapes and return postage if anyone can copy the tapes for me. Hey, Cecil! Why don’t you get the rights from A&E and sell the tapes here on the SD site? I bet you could make a bundle from us TM and finally be able to pay for those new SDMB servers. :smiley:

Me and my dad used to watch those all the time. I would love to get my hands on those too…

I wonder if A&E sells tapes of old shows. I know they do of most there shows these days.

I sign the petition: START SELLING THE TAPES!

The Chicago Reader would no doubt make a bundle, I’m sure almost all the Dopers want to own it, whether they caught it the first time or not.

If Cecil truly is the world’s smartest human being and is “only motivated by money”, I give it about 48 hours 'till they start churning them out :wink:

— G. Raven

I think I’ll wait for the Letterboxed Director’s Cut THX Digitally ReMastered DVD… :cool:

But will there be a separate audio track for director’s comments?

I’d send blank tapes and return postage… and a six-pack for shipping & handling. :wink:

Who has these tapes?

Yo, Cecil and Co! What’s the possibility of youse guys selling those tapes here?

And, doesn’t anyone have those durn shows taped? Come on you slackers! :wink:

I’ve seen some of the episodes, and I can sum them up in one word: zzzzzzzzzzzz!

Save your money/postage.

As pointed out in the OP, A&E owns the rights to the show. (I think that’s true.) Demo, did you contact A&E for the tapes?

Hell, they peddle tapes of “the show you’ve just seen” for $20 a pop as if the VCR hadn’t been invented. I would think they would offer tapes of off-air originals as well.

For the record, I thought the show kicked its fair share of ass. I’m pretty sure Mike Lucas started the whole bald trend of today. I’ve always wondered why it was pulled. How long was it on? Two or three years?

If Cecil ever posted anymore, maybe he could give us the straigt dope about the show…