NEED Amazing Race Seasons 1,2, and 4

**Mr. Cynical ** and I have just discovered The Amazing Race.
Mama Tiger was kind enough to help me out with tapes from Season 3 (SHUT UP FLO!) but I MUST HAVE MORE!

If you have any of the previous seasons on tape,and could make me copies (or I could send the tapes back) I would happily pay you for the cost of the tapes, packaging and shipping.
You’d also have my undying love and affection.


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Offering payment for a tape of a copyrighted show is illegal, immoral, and contrary to Straight Dope Message Board Policy.

Hmmm…so I guess I won’t post about how to download them, either… :smiley:

I certainly don’t see what’s immoral about trading TV shows that aren’t available on VHS or DVD and never get repeated since their first broadcast, especially if all you’re paying for is material & shipping costs. But if it’s against board policy…well, that’s a different matter.

Television Without Pity has recaps of all episodes which should tide you over.

Oh…and check your email. :wink: