Survivor/Amazing Race/Bachelor - Request for May/05 episodes!

We are heading off to England on May 2 for 3 weeks and will be missing the conclusions of the above mentioned reality shows. I have asked friends and aquaintances here, but no-one really watches the shows, and while they are willing to try to tape them I don’t want to leave it to chance that the schedule will be altered (like last night), or their kids decide to tape the latest “Nick and Jessica”. So I ask here from others who are already addicted and will be watching anyway.

I am willing to pay for the VHS/DVD and shipping if someone would be kind enough to compile these shows for us. I have a Paypal account set up already. Bonus points for shipping within Canada, only because I have had bad experiences with USPS.

DISCLAIMER: it’s my wife and her sister that are watching the bachelor, and even then my wife is only half watching it anyway, but TAR and Survivor are our crack.

Yes, yes, wrong forum…I’m off to ask xash ship it to the cafe…

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This got delayed due to my posting mismanagement.

Anyone, please?

I watch both The Amazing Race and Survivor religiously (Go Rob & Amber!!), and my Tivo is set to record both shows.

I’d be willing to save them to VHS for you (assuming, of course, that the mods don’t consider this to be some sort of copyright violation, which I would never, ever be a party to!)

Disclaimer: I have three kids, so what I want to do and what actually happens are usually two different things. So, you might want to still beg your friends to tape them, just in case…

The Bachelor, on the other hand, I know nothing about.

My MIL is a TAR / Survivor addict, so I can just ask her to Tivo-to-VHS them for me when she does the same for my BIL. “The Bachelor” will have to be a special request.

I just tivo’d tonight’s Amazing Race and can burn it to DVD if you need it.

I should mention that my email address is in my profile, so if you want that episode, email that address and put SDMB in the subject line so I don’t throw it out with the spam. I’ll keep it on my tivo hard drive for a week.

Sorry for the late response, I am logging in from England and didn’t get a chance to check the responses way back when.

It sounds like interface2x amy have already passed the ‘Best Before’ date.

SiouxChief or Avarie537, do you still have the shows in question? I have been able to avoid the discussions so far, so everything in May is still a surprise! I don’t want to ask anyone to do some extra work and then get the shows from a different source, so I will take whatever is offered. I’m not sure I will be able to respond again until the end of May.

Anyone still got them?

Actually - be thankful for my laziness.

I have the last two episodes (three hours worth) of the Amazing Race still in my TIVO. I’d be happy to burn them to dvd if you want them. Drop me a line in the manner listed above. Even if you don’t want them, email me. I’ll keep them until I hear from you.

I’m on vacation myself right now but I probably still have the 5/6 episode of Survivor on a tape somewhere back home. If you’re still looking for it next week, I’ll dig it up and send you a copy.

I’ll ask my mother-in-law to do the taping tomorrow.

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I still have the finale of The Amazing Race. If you need it, please let me know in the next few days. If I haven’t heard anything by Saturday, I will delete it.

Thanks for your time.

We just dug out the tape this weekend (the kids buried it under Dora et al.). I successfully managed to tape the Amazing Race in its entirety. Despite the fact that we had tried to stay away from coverage and finding out who won, we saw the winners picture plastered on the front of a newspaper last week. We watched it on Sunday night and we couldn’t believe the nail biting that we had done during the last hour! Good finish! I’ll have to check out the threads for a discussion.
Many thanks to you, interface2x for hanging on as long as you did! makes note to send Christmas fruitcake
Not surprisingly, we aren’t caring about who won the Bachelor. Unfortunately I taped the first hour of the Survivor finale before the tape ran out. We know who won, but haven’t bothered to watch what we have. The passage of time sure dimishes the feeling of urgency…

Okay, I’ll delete it then :slight_smile:

I missed the Survivor finale due to being on vacation. I asked a friend to tape it for me. Amazingly, while it was two weeks before I was able to watch the tape, I still hadn’t heard who won when I watched it and was able to enjoy the suspense.