The Amazing Race starts again on Sunday, 9/28!

I’m stoked. I’ve really missed TAR.

Who’s watching this season?


“This country smells funny.”

“That guy grabbed my ass!”

“I’ve never driven a stick shift in my life!”

“What’s a map?”

Of course I’ll be watching!

You forgot: “My ox is broken!!!”

I’m so excited … I’ve got Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, AND The Amazing Race to watch. w00t!

I’m in! I’ve been waiting since the last one ended!

Woo-hoo! I’m ready!

I’m bummed that I missed Survivor tonight, though. But it’s ok, this early I can’t tell the contestants apart.

I can’t believe how addicted I’ve gotten to all these reality shows in the last few years. I haven’t watched any of them from the beginning!