New Season of The Amazing Race (TAR) starts soon

Because I always appreciate the heads-ups I get here, I thought I’d share the love thusly.

Season premiere of The Amazing Race airs on Friday, Sept. 25, at 8/7c.

Cast bios here.

I watched last season online since I work Fridays. We’ll see if I’m engaged enough to watch this time. It used to give me something to keep me home Sunday nights, but not so much if I’m not catching it as it airs, so I forgot to watch a few times.

One thread for the season or new threads each week?

I’d suggest one for each episode so that it doesn’t get so lengthy.

Oh, good! I enjoy watching this. I hope some of the tasks require more brain power than physical power, and I’m wondering which team will spark an instant dislike, so that I watch to see them lose.

I guess I’m not as nice as I thought.

Everyone’s got an established, pre-existing relationship. No apparent gimmicks or anything, thank God. The cast seems to skew younger this season. There’s the mother-son team and that’s it. Where’s the obligatory older couple?

I hated the Matchmaking season but I am going to give this a shot.