"The Amazing Race" is on the Game Show Network!!!

I just found about it yesterday, and set my Tivo last night. I don’t know what the format is - whether or not they’re starting from Ep 1 TAR 1, but that would make sense. So set your VCR, DVR, or Tivo, and enjoy!

It looked like Ep 1, Season 1: I’d seen all the other seasons and Phil was but a pup.

:: swoons ::
I can’t imagine how I missed that the first run.

Day and time?

Ðëëp¤F®ïêd, go to TV Guide and do a search.

For my area at least, it appears to be playing weeknights at 9pm and again at midnight.

Good luck!


Cancel the “weeknights” part. It’s actually playing every day - Saturday and Sunday in addition to Monday through Friday.

Thanks DoperChic!

Got my Tivo set for season pass just in time last night.
I am truly excited to see the early seasons. My Fiance and I got hooked just 3 seasons ago and can’t wait to see these older seasons.

Now if I can just get my Tivo to stop recording the replays at 9pm (I’m in Cali)…
This is only the second time I have used my season pass and the last was for Six Feet Under and I assume because the replays are on HBO2 that it didn’t record them.

Anyway, to sum up: YAY!

The first episode was totally lost for me - we got 5 minutes of it on Tivo. Damn you, Dennis! But we got the full hour last night. We didn’t start watching at all until whatever season Zach & Flo were in (ugh!). We’ve watched all of the ones since then, though.

It’s really interesting to see the changes that have been made as the show progressed and “matured” over the years. We kept saying “Where’s Phil?” when the teams were arriving. Not to mention the old wording of his speech regarding the pit stops: “The last team to check in will be eliminated.” I did a :eek: when I heard that last night!