Amazing Race 8/10--7 p.m., People!

Oooh, I get to start the thread! brief happy dance

Anyhow, as my Yahoo Reminder has just informed me, Amazing Race will be seen at 7:00 tonight on the East Coast, which means one thing – I get to go to bed early.

From the TV Guide listing, it appears that the teams don’t even need to get out of Egypt tonight. Great news for the Moms. I’ve just drawn a complete blank as to whether they won’t receive any money for the duration of the race, or just this leg. If it’s just this leg, they may be able to get by on the kindness of strangers, and maybe other teams. The God Squad won’t give them money, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Chip and Kim threw a few bucks their way.


I just checked the MSN listings, and they’ve got it on at 10:00 here (Philly), as usual. Plus, 7:00 is before prime-time – is it being preempted in NYC for some local something or other? still has it listed for 10:00 pm. What gives?

Draelin, sometimes Yahoo likes to convert everything to Pacific time. Make sure that’s not happening to you.

No, this is a case of me being a moron and assuming that the entire world revolves around New York City. :smack: Last week’s episode contained several bottom-of-the-screen scrolls about how tonight’s episode would be seen at 7 p.m. According to TV Guide, that’s still the situation, I assume in case the baseball game schedule for 8:00 runs late like last week.

But hey, I still get to go to bed early. :wink:

So, this is me hanging my head in shame for a now-erroneous thread title. :rolleyes:

As far as I know, it’s only for the New York area; the local CBS affiliate is airing a Yankees game at 8. (Last week they aired a game from 7 to 10 and I was afraid it’d screw up my taping; luckily it ended on time.)

Stupid baseball. Stupid Yankee baseball.

Well, I guess I’ll be asking for a recap tomorrow! :frowning:

Goddamn. In Connecticut – which isn’t even in New York – we get the Yankees game and it pushes Amazing Race to 3:05 AM, after the Late Show, after Craig Kilborn, even after BB.

Remember, they do rerun it on Saturday evening. Which is a good thing – before I left for vacation last week, I did remember to program the VCR – but forgot to make sure there was a tape in the machine. :smack: Luckily, I got home at suppertime Saturday, so caught the rerun.

Boy was I confused for a second. I’m glad they aren’t moving it up because then I would miss it. Last week I missed it because my power went out and my VCR decided that I wanted to tape things via antenna and not cable, so I didn’t see it. Glad I did catch it on Saturday though.

Okay, now that we know what time it is on (9:00 for us in CT), what are your (non-spoiler) predictions?

I really, really would like to see the twins come in last, like they deserved to last week. I’m crossing my fingers that the Moms can hang in there with no money. Even if the Moms survive, however, I don’t think they are long for this race.

On the other end of the spectrum, I would bet Colin and Christie hold on to first place. Their 7-hour lead is sure to evaporate at some point, but they have just been such smart racers it’s hard to bet against them, especially if there is any air travel involved.

I can’t make too many predictions, except that we’re going to see even more Airport Action[sup]TM[/sup] in the future, due to Colin and Christie’s amazing lead.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Colin & Christie end up back in the middle of the pack this time. They’ll be starting this leg at 11:27 pm, pretty much in the middle of the night. Remember that the Tower didn’t open until 9 am, and the horse-and-camel portion of the last Detour closed at 5:30 pm – so it is probable that the next point on their route has a similar schedule. Helluva way to spend a huge lead, wandering around and sleeping on benches.

I also have this weird feeling about their airport strategy, too – one of these times, they’re going to miss a connection or something and end up stranded somewhere. Someone will, anyway, and I am hoping it is these two. Colin really creeps me out. Christie’s alright, but he gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies even more than my sister’s ex-boyfriend. Not that you care. Just sayin’, is all.

Towards the middle of the race physical fatigue begins to take over; personally, if I was in the Race in the current “shape” I’m in, I’d have been out in like the second episode. But I digress. Marshall and Lance and the bowling moms are clearly showing signs of physically falling apart, which if they don’t get some time to recuperate (bunching up, getting a massive lead somehow, blind and dumb luck) will probably lead to them getting eliminated.

Seeing as how we’re not even at the middle yet, I think those teams are in some trouble. The twins are going to self-destruct in a blast that won’t be so much tragic as annoying. So tonight, I select three potential teams to come in last, in order of probability: Bowling Moms, Marshall and Lance, and the Twins. I’m usually dead wrong about these things, though.

Is it Marshall with the bad knees? I think that’s what’s going to be the death of those two. There’s going to be a footrace for last place some time (maybe tonight?) or some Roadblock or something that he just can’t do. He looked like he was in serious pain last week walking around the Pyramids.

I hope the Moms can hang on another week. Will they get money at the start of the next leg? I know they don’t get any this week, but next time will they, if they’re still in it?

C&C are SCREWED! and the Bowling Moms can catch a charter flight!

I hope you all enjoy The Race as I probably won’t be able to watch it tonight – I got my new DVR from the cable company today, and as these things go, it’s crapped out and the technician was supposed to be here an hour ago to fix it. Dang it, the Amazing Race Curse strikes again!! Thank God for the Saturday repeats…I’ll go to a friend’s house to watch it if I’m not up and running by then.

As for predictions…well, can’t say much except that I’m not too worried about the Bowling Moms and their broke asses. Begging for cash has worked well in past seasons, such as when Blake & Paige lost ALL their money at a Brazil bus station. Granted, Egypt is not Brazil, but I’m certain they’ll find some tourist or rich local who will take pity on them.

How can these people not know what a scarab is? Did they not see The Mummy? C’mon! They show it at least once a day on TBS!!!

Colin & Christie have got to be kicking themselves for taking the fast forward. A 7 hour lead, and it’s blown away by having to spend a second night in a row sleeping outdoors! Yes, they hustled to keep their lead, but I predict some other team (probably Chip & Kim) is going to blow past them in the last third of this race.

Congrats to the bowling moms for surmounting near-impossible odds (unless the organizers deliberately delayed that plane to keep them in the race), but they’ve really got to do things faster if they want to last another leg, unless Kami and Karla implode.

But with 3 non-elimination rounds left, wacky things could happen.

What was with that plane anyway? I thought it was supposed to depart at 11:30am. How’d the Moms get from the International airport, where they were at 11:29 or something, to the Old Airport by 11:33am? Are they actually part of the same complex? And why did the time show as 1:45pm when the plane was in the air? Engine trouble? Mechanical trouble? Egypt time trouble?

Not sad to see the Pizza Boys go. Too bad the one brother’s knee gave out. That must have been torture!

I’m liking my team, Chip and Kim, more and more as the weeks pass. And I’m really hating both model couples and Charla and Mirna, although it was pleasant hearing Charla calling “Come ON, Mirna!” several times.