The Amazing Race 8/3

Because no Tuesday would be complete without it.

Will we finally see someone use a Yield or a FF? Will Mirna and Charla best that catchy “I’ve been electrocuted” gem? Will I finally be able to figure out which one is Christie and which one is Nicole?

More importantly … will Christie finally slap the living snot out of that creepy Colin and run off with Nicole? (Sorry, wishful thinking on my part, I guess - those boys just ick me out.)

Yeah, I’m not sure which couple is which, either. I’ll have to pay attention tonight and figure it out. It’s Brandon & Nicole and Colin & Christie.
The Blue Lagoon/Holier-Than-Thou-Christian couple gets on my nerves the most.
The other couple I kinda like. Well, I can at least tolerate them, I should say.

They end up in Egypt at the Sphinx tonight. They really are getting shipped all over the place! Russia to Egypt - I wonder how much airport drama we’ll see.

From the previews, it looks like Mirna wimps out on the Roadblock and makes Charla go down into a deep, deep hole (a tomb, maybe?) and that once she gets down there, Charla isn’t too thrilled.

It also looks like two teams (The Bowling Moms and The Twins) each have a member who falls flat on their face. I hope neither one is hurt too badly.

Team Blue Lagoon is Brandon/Nicole. I believe Christie’s hair is lighter than Nicole’s. Or at least, that’s how I pretend to tell the difference. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the twins fall on her face. Not just because I don’t like 'em, but because one of them needs some sort of distinguishing mark so I can figure out which I dislike more. Shame about the possible disaster to the Moms, though. I like them a lot.

The TV Guide blurb I read indicated that there was an underground tomb, which must be what Mirna punks out on. Maybe she’s claustrophobic–I recall that the AR application form specifically asks you to list your fears. Knowing how horrible I am with heights (and knowing I’d never actually send the damned thing in), I answered “I’m afraid of boat travel and cute furry bearlike animals.” :slight_smile: Anyhoo, if there’s not a great deal of running and climbing involved, I would think sending the little person into the small confined space would be the smartest path to take. The preview made it appear that Charla was being lowered in a harness.

While I wait for the show to start, though, I will sit at my desk and muse over the unbelievably perverted producer who said “Hey, I got an idea … they’re in St. Petersburg in the dead of winter … let’s send 'em to the desert now!!!” Sadists. :wink:

Amazing Race Application
Contestant: rockle
Fears: Daiquiris, potato skins, naked men, aromatherapy massages, shopping on unlimited budgets

Or would that be pushing it?

I think AR would be a lot of fun, but wonder if they base some of the Roadblocks based on fears that applicants write down. If I wrote down that I’m scared of clowns, would they send me to some circus-y place and made me search through dozens of clowns to find the one in the photo, like the tango Roadblock from a couple of weeks ago? :eek:

The only thing I think I’m really afraid is anything life-threatening (drowning, scary animals, buried alive, etc). Not scared of heights (don’t love 'em, but won’t hyperventilate), clowns, darkness, snakes … but I can’t eat gross stuff. I’ll throw up. And for me, “gross” includes 99% of what comes out of the water - fish, mussels, clams, etc. I’m OK with shrimp, lobster, and crab, but the caviar would have had me hurling after one bite. And I have a really good sense of smell, so things that smell gross are almost as bad (I’d never eat dog diarrhea, but the smell of it gets me gagging, ya know?).

And my husband hates flying. But I’d go with my mom. If it weren’t for that non-medicated depression she has … :smiley:

:smiley: at rockle. Yeah, maybe a bit too much.

I could **never do AR with my mother. I’d be the first contestant arrested and charged with murdering their teammate. Seriously. She would annoy the hell out of me.
I could do it with my husband or maybe my father or step-mother. Yeah, definitely my step-mother. And one of my sisters, but not the other one.
There’s a couple of friends I could do it with. One or two cow-workers.
But not my mom.

I wonder who’s going to get eliminated tonight (or if there’s finally going to be a non-elimination round, we’re about due for that). I would really like to see the yield used because I can’t forget about it.

Dream elimination: Mirna (I could take or leave Charla) Mirna has gotten to be too hypocritically sanctimonious and while I do like my reality TV Schadenfreude, she’s just annoying.(And why is Mirna seemingly skipping all the roadblocks, she skipped the chocolate, the caviar, and now the tomb tonight? Grr.)

After that, get rid of the blue lagoon couple or I’m coming into the television with a Flowbee to cut his hair.

I was bummed to see Bob and Joyce go last week, so now I’m rooting for Chip n’ Dale or the Bowling Moms.

Don’t knock it 'till you’ve tried it.

Spoilers for tonight’s episode ahead …

Holy crap, did Colin and Christie take the lead on this one! Next week, when they leave they’ll probably pass right by the other teams arriving.

Once again, Mirna proves herself to be a total bitch. Does she do anything out there? I mean besides yelling “Charla, hurry!!”

And a spoiler regarding the teaser for next week …

Looks like Colin and Christie lose their lead …

That was really cool of Chip to help out Brandon with the stone and then to help the twins find the cluebox. Not a wise move strategically, but still a nice thing to do.

Charla’s positive attitude is infectious–I can’t help smiling when she is on screen. I first thought the ‘climbing down the shaft’ challenge would be a big problem for her, but she handled it like a trooper. She doesn’t complain and she expresses her wonder and enjoyment of the whole thing so enthusiastically. And she has to put up with Mirna all the time!

Has Mirna done a single challenge yet? I mean, other than the ones they both have to do. She’s utterly worthless.

Mirna did the one where you had to chase down a calf in a corral and pull a bandana off it.

He also put the Pizza Brothers back on their rollers.

Kudos to Colin & Christie for grabbing a seven-hour lead then sealing the deal by stealing the Fast Forward from the other teams. I hope the previews don’t mislead us by seamingly showing them lose their lead. (:rolleyes: for thinking that Jesus was the prodigal son.)

Props to Chip for showing what true Christian values are all about and selflessly helping a couple of other teams. I predict that those hypocritical Christians, Team Blue Lagoon, will screw him over at the first opportunity.

The twins are simply too stupid to race. Were they going to search through the night all over Giza in the hopes of stumbling over the clue? Phil should have sent them back for not actually completing the clue.

And although I like them, Kim hasn’t done a single roadblock, Chip has done them all.

Good legs run by Colin and Christie and Mirna and Charla. The twins got lucky so many people wre helping them, the woman at the museum, the cab driver, Chip.

I don’t see how it’s possible to recover from finishing last in a non-elimination leg. Even assuming by some miracle they can pull off the next leg with no cash, the lack of the building cash reserves for legs which are cash poor is a real problem. Someone who finishes last in a non-elim leg is already being punished by finishing last and thereby starting last, a triple punishment seems to be overkill. Its going to kill the suspense on the following leg since we know with almost complete certainty who is going to be last on the next leg. It’s bad game design and certainly not good television. When it comes down to that final leg I want it to be a horse race between three teams, not two teams going all out and one team desperately scrambling to beg for money so that they can just get a taxi from the airport.

Even assuming that Colin and Christie completely botched the FF attempt I still find it unlikely that they checked in after 11am. And since the twins and bowling moms got the detour at about the same time but the twins were finishing up the detour when they walked up it doesn’t appear that the detour took a very long time. I’d guess that the rest of the teams checked in by 7pm or 8pm at the latest (Charla and Mirna looked like they were in by 6:30 since the teams that started the roadblock at about 6pm saw the guys packing up from their task). That’s easily killed by an immediate airport bunch since there’s no way C&C could get out on a plane until tomorrow morning and leaving the pit stop at 8am could still let the teams catch an early flight. Hours of operation is another sure fire killer for that lead.

I’ve got to say that its legs like this that make me want to compete. Doing those tasks in the shadow of the pyramids would be a great adventure and who (besides Mirna the Incredibly Whiney) could resist the oportunity to decend into a tomb on Giza. Going from one of the greatest museums in the world to some of the oldest surviving structures in the space of two days… god that looks like fun!

I wonder if Colin & Christie did the right thing by using the fast forward. They were already hours ahead of every other team, even if they did have to sleep outdoors until the Tower opened, and now that they’ve used it, they will not be able to use it later in the show.

All it has really done for them is eliminate a choice-- the next time it comes up, they will not have any option-- and with about 8 pit-stops to go, they may really need it.

Kudos to Charla and Mirna for being fast enough to get on the horses and camels. Although it would have been nice to see Mirna busting her ass for once.

I can’t find the link on the official website that gives the recap-- Is there actually a yield on every leg?

The caption during the show said they checked in at 11:27 AM