Amazing Race 7/20

Well, put me in the I-HATE-MIRNA-AND-CHARLA camp! Their lying at the airport to get on the first flight really frosted me.
And none of the remaining teams is a whole lot better.
Too bad about the losers. . . they just had all the bad breaks tonight.
Another typically good episode with super scenery. And who knew this little town in Patagonia was the chocolate capital of South America???

Ditto. I can forgive a competitor just about anything except the “I need a doctor, give me this flight.” bullshit. Yeah, it’s just a game, but there’s a real-world consquence to that specific lie that has reprecussions outside the game. My dad, when my grandma was dying, had to go through seven kinds of hell to get an emergency seat because of assholes like that. (Yeah, I know–not because of the Amazing Race, but because too many assholes of that ilk pull that particular lie.)

Also, I really want someone to kick the Jerky Brothers in the teeth. The “Bitch!” line was uncalled for even if I don’t like Charla and Mirna. I thnk the Jerky Brothers are gonna make it at least half-way, but damn, I hope Chip or someone pops one of them in the face.

Dammit, my favorite team is out. I really liked Military Dad and his daughter.

As an aside, the editing pissed me off. I don’t want fake editing-created tension, I wanna know what the hell is going on. We never were able to tell how far behind the Jerky Brothers Military dad was. I’d love them to put a little digital clock in the corner of the screen so we could get a better feel for what’s going on.



The other teams would’ve done the same thing if they had thought of it.

Yeah, the “Bitch” drive-by was very crude. The funny thing was that as Mirna was complaining about it, Charla was sitting/standing in the backseat with a grin on her face!

I’m sorry to see Jim and Marsha go. They were one of the first ones to the airport, too! I was hoping that Pizza Brother would never find one of those white-centered chocolates.

Oh, and I loved the twin’s entrance to the pit stop. :smiley:

Who knew there WAS a chocolate capital of South America? :smiley:

What is it about parent/child teams and bad airport strategy? They always seem to get killed there. And I’m with Fenris in wanting to know how far behind they really were.

The Pizza Bros. are starting to crack me up. Nice Karma payback at the Roadblock! I hope to see more of that. I did get a laugh out of the “Biiiitch!” line, though.

STILL NO YIELD?!?!? I thought for sure that would come into play this episode. Maybe CBS edited them all out??

I don’t see why Jim didn’t get on the earliest flight. Marsha bought the last ticket and put Jim on the waiting list. The other teams that made that flight were all on the waiting list. Why would the airlines put couples ahead of singles, especially when the single was obviously a companion of somebody booked on the flight and was first on the list?!

I feel really sorry for the guys at the chocolate factory who had to clean up the mass of half-chewed candies all over the floor. The chief baker was standing there with a bemused (disgusted?) grin the whole time.

Can you even begin to imagine how many pounds of chocolates were wasted?

The show needed more pictures of the landscape. Patagonia is one of the neatest places on earth.

The show wasted too much time at the airport.

Here’s a hint:

Performing tasks – interesting.

Driving around trying not to get lost – interesting.

One third of the show taken up by screwing around with airline tickets – boring!!

And are there more commercials this season than in prior years? Seems like there are.

I hate hate hate screwing around in the airport episodes.

Yeah, this episode wasn’t as exciting as the last two. All the intrigue and suspense was based on who was getting on what flight. Since one and only one team got stuck on the very last flight, you pretty much knew who was going to be eliminated about a third of the way through. Thing is, with the inevitable bunching, the race isn’t about being first, it’s about not being last. Once you know who’s last, the placement of the rest of the teams is less interesting.

Charla and Mirna - The doctor thing was beyond the realm of good sportsmanship, IMO. Plus, I’m getting tired of their attitude. They get lost, and then blame the other team for ditching them? Sheesh. I’m not ready to give up on them yet, because I still like their goofy intensity. And I must say, whether they’re doing something amusing or something annoying, they’re fun to watch.

Gotta say, too, that I’m impressed with both the older couple and the bowling moms. I figured that they’d be among the first out, but they’ve both been consistently well clear of elimination. Kudos.

I understand if Charla needs a little extra help, but pulling the doctor card was just low. (And the look on the Twins faces after their swim was hilarious!)

And I thought you couldn’t return tickets after you had bought them. :confused: Seems like a lot of that going on.

I still like the Moms.

jeevwoman said that the twins were just looking for an excuse to strip down to their skivvies on camera. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that. :slight_smile:

Charla and Myrna are becoming annoying, but part of that is their speaking Spanglish, that odd variant of English laced with Spanish-sounding words that ugly Americans use when communicating with people south of the Rio Grande. And they claim Spanish as one of the languages they speak? Maybe they’ll be less annoying once the Race shifts out of Spanish-speaking countries.

The brothers - damn, I so wanted them to lose. I though for sure we had them at the chocolate factory. Maybe next week.

I was also very disappointed by Major Dad and daughter being eliminated. I was rooting for them.

I dislike both the Pizza Brothers and Charla and Mirna, but I got a little giggle out of the one brother yelling “Bitch!” because, well, she is a bitch, and because it also looked like she had no idea who yelled it.

I don’t like that Charla and Mirna claim the one couple “ditched” them; they were ahead, and the other couple turned off where they were supposed to. It’s not like they all have cell phones and can keep in touch. When they realized the couple had turned, they should have turned around, too.

I also hate the airport ticket drama. I’d rather see more time spent on what they’re actually doing, and see how far apart the teams actually are at the end. I guess we do see it the next week when they leave in order of how they showed up (by time), but I’d like to see it as they arrive.

Was the one Pizza Brother eating the chocolates, and that’s why he was getting so sick? Most of them were just biting and spitting them out.

While I’m not crazy about airport ticket dramas either, I think last night’s episode really hinged on who got tickets for which flight. . . and how. And the tasks weren’t all that compelling, I didn’t think. The chocolate pig-out was just kind of disgusting. We’ve seen contestants jumping off mountains before and while it makes for good pictures, it’s kind of boring after a bit. So the real drama was at that airport.

Maybe next week we’ll have less airport and more interesting tasks. (And I’m always amazed at how really close together most of the arrival/starting times are. The show makes you think there are wider gaps.)

I LOVE this show!

I was only half-watching this episode, but I admit it…I laughed and laughed when Charla got electrocuted. I’m a bad person. :smiley:

I still like Charla and Mirna, and not even in a just-because-they’re-entertaining way. I think it showed their character that they stopped when the “Christian” team got stuck in the mud. No one on ANY reality show ever would’ve been as kind. Then the God couple immediately turned around and screwed them (and went on to screw others at every opportunity. They might be my least favorite team, apart from the jerky boys.)

Jim and Marsha were my second favorites, oh well. Why did the producers screw a single team based on plane tickets? How did they imagine they might catch up?

I wish they showed the teams’ finish times when they get to the pit stops.

Oh, and even though I’m a happily married straight guy, I think I have a crush on Phil.

I didn’t think they screwed them, I thought Charla and Mirna (as usual) just went the wrong way.

I was VERY bummed to see Dad and Daughter leave. Their goodbye interview made me tear up.

I’m now left rooting for Chip and Kim.

So does Mirna! Did you hear her asking about how her hair looked last night? She was concerned that every time they see Phil, she looks terrible. Who cares what you look like, it’s a race for a million dollars!