Amazing Race 7/20

Christian team and Charla and Myrna both lost some cool points. I know lying is a part of reality competitions, but both teams lied in ways that were stupid and embarrassing.

For instance, it was stupid that the female half of Team Christian lied to Myrna about another team getting tickets for them. It was also stupid that Myrna lied to the Pizza Brothers about getting extra tickets. It’s not against the rules for them to do this, and it’s not like the Pizza Brothers could have pushed them out of line. So why did she lie and then make a whole stink about it when she was called out?

I don’t know why teams always want to form an alliance. Yeah, they come in handy when you’re at the airport and you want someone to buy tickets for you. But trailing after someone on the road…that’s a sure-fire way to get lost. Having someone follow you on the road…big time slow down. Having to feel obligated to help another team at every turn…annoying and potentially disasterous. It makes the game more stressful to form an alliance. I don’t understand why people go in there thinking otherwise.

I don’t like the Pizza Brothers and I was glad they took so long at the chocolate store.

I’m deeply unimpressed with the Christian couple (although mondo-props to Barbie for realizing that the proper prayer is “God, help me be strong enough to do this”, not “God, cheat in my favor so I win big buxxx!” like Ken more-or-less said in episode 1). Not only are they bland, but they’re stooopid. It’s dumb strategy this early in the game to go out of your way to make enemies. Currently Ken and Barbie have no allies whatsoever and have made what…three? four? enemies. And this is only the third episode. DUMB strategy. I don’t fault them for taking the correct turn*although they coulda tried to honk their horn, flash their lights, etc to get Myrna/Charla’s attention** but the ticket stunt at the airport and their ditching of the Jerky Boys was dumb.

Also, wassup with the black guy (his wife doesn’t seem real invested in it) and the twin’s feud? It was a lousy taxi ride. Get over it. Sheesh.

So–vote fellow dopers: which team are you rooting for right now and if you could have any one team lose next episode?

For me, I’m kinda rooting for Bowling Moms (they got spunk!) or the utterly personality-free couple that came in first this episode. Maybe Mirna and Charla—the “I need a doctor stunt” really soured me on them.

I’d love to see the Jerky Brothers lose next episode. With the bimbo from Big Brother out last episode and the Jerky Brothers gone, it’d be interesting to have an Amazing Race with no-one I hate.


*Mirna and Charla’s map-deficit skillz will doom them loooong before a sprint dooms them. They’ve gotten lost EVERY! SINGLE! EPISODE! (sometimes twice). Also, is there anything that Mirna isn’t terrified of? Seriously: she’s terrified of cows, meat, paragliding, eating choclolate (“I’ll throw up! I will!!!”). What a sissy-wimp. I think we’re looking at Flo and Zach lite (Not that Miyrna is 1/10000th as bad as Flo. Flesh-eating virusus aren’t as bad as Flo) where one member whines all the time and one member does all the work. Big kudos to Charla for having a good attitude (“Take a sec and look at the scenery! Wow!”, her cartwheel, etc)…it’s my impression that this kind of positive attitude can only help.

**note that they also point-blank lied—“Doodz! We waited for you! Rilly!”

Yeah but they were supposed to be working together! And what made it so egregious was that it happened immediately after they went back for the stuck Dating Models.

AND when they saw the models were okay and getting (how convenient) towed out Mr. Blond Model shouts out, “Wait for us!!!” And they did!

Oh well. What can I say, I like team Charna.

Well, to their defense, the taxi thing had happened the day before, while for us it happened a week ago. Of course we’re over it. But for them it was still fresh.

I think the Twins are entirely too intense.

While I don’t think the God Squad were extremely egregious in ditching CharM, they certainly did not go out of their way to work with them either. Especially, as was just noted after CharM stopped and waited for them. Then they flat out lied at the airport about it - “We waited for you”. Then they lied at the airport (as did CharM) and then they ditched the borthers. So in my book they were the biggest losers of the episode. And fr as much as folks dislike CharM, they are racing well so far, even with their lack of navigation skills. Tat is two second places in a row. I agree that they will probably eventually lose because of their navigational deficiencies, but they are doing well race-wise so far.

it is a shame that one team only got on a late flight, pretty much settling this leg of the race early on in the show. It’s funny how folks complain about the bunching and then complain about the stragglers.

The twins (whom I hate) cracked me up when they swam to the island. BWAH!

The couple that came in first this week was Colin and Christie. Mostly I like them, thought Coling gats to be a wee bit jerkish under pressure.

I have one complaint about this show and that’s the commercial cliffhangers. Whenever they cut to commercial there’s one team going “Oh my God, we’re late for the boat/plane. My teammate is chickening out. We’ll never finish this task.” Then when we come back, they solve the problem in two seconds. There’s no tension if they do this all the freakin’ time 'cause I know everything will be fine. Sheesh.

A buddy of mine was reading the Usenet Amazing Race group and the Jerky Brothers just sunk to a new low, if the report is true.

Apparently there’s footage out there (possibly on CBS’s website) of the Jerky Brothers walking into the chocolate store/factory and, upon seeing the owner/manager, saying (apparently loudly enough that he could be heard by the manager/owner guy) “Great, where’s the other Oompa-Loompas :rolleyes:.”

If he did do this, what an unmitigated asshole. Assuming that I were the manager, when the jackass came to me for the clue, I’d say “Oops, me and my fellow Oompa-Loompas have to go sing a song or two. You’ll get your next clue when we get done” and then go take an hour long coffee break.


You’re right–I hadn’t even thought of that. Criticism (mostly) withdrawn (it was *still just a taxi ride and didn’t change anything)

I’m currently rooting for Chip and Kim. I just wish they weren’t so boring. I hope the brothers loose next. I thought their assholery would be entertaining, but no, they’re boring assholes. And who would’ve thought they’d be slowed down by an eating task?

I forgot to mention my favorite moment. Nicole in voice over is mentioning something about God and we see her and Brandon looking skyward, as if toward heaven…and then the camera pans and we see they are actually looking at a Departures Screen.

I’m rooting for the team currently in first. They have solid strategy, they aren’t pissing anyone off, they’re capable, and they’re not jerks.

The God Squad is right out, due to their pathetic display of being Christians. The amount of petty lying they’ve done, and the amount of alliances they’ve broken, and the bullshit comments they’ve made have soured me.

I also am really, really disliking Charla and Mirna. Why? Because they’re idiots (well, Mirna is, big time). The amount of whining and crying that Mirna goes through each and every episode is tiresome. I like Charla’s attitude, but the doctor bit finally did them in for me.

The Jerky Boys are jackasses, plain and simple. I far as I can tell, they have yet to display a single redeeming quality.

I always zone out when there’s Intrigue At The Airport. I get lost trying to keep up with who’s buying tickets for who. (and what’s the point, if two teams are both at the airport, of one team buying tickets for the other?)

About the ditching: if Team B is following Team A, I don’t think it’s possible to say that B ditched A. B chose not to follow A on a wrong turn, perhaps…but you can’t ditch someone from behind.

Problem with this episode – everyone chose the same Detour, and no positions changed during the detour. The order they arrived was the order they left. Bummer for the producers. They tried to build some suspense by showing the Jerky Boys asking for directions on the way to the pit stop…but no.

I only half-saw the preview of next week, but it had something to do with someone gagging on a “Russian delicacy”. They’re not going all the way to Russia on one hop, are they?

From the Leaderboard:

1: Colin/Christie: Team Mannequin makes their move! They haven’t got a lot of personality, but they have some class and finally, some better intuition. Maybe it was editing, but I haven’t heard them bicker or whine about their poor showing until now. Their standby trick to get on the earlier flight (editing made it look like they thought of it first) was well thought out. And at least Colin actually knows some Spanish for real.

2: Charla/Mirna: I can’t say I love this team, but I certainly don’t hate them. They’re the only humor in this season. They had every right to complain about Team Blue Lagoon, whom they went out of their way to help. Got lost again, though, so eventually they’re screwed.

3: Brandon/Nicole: Team Blue Lagoon is about as full of Christian grace and charity as every other person I’ve ever heard pray loudly in public :rolleyes:. If they win I will take it as a sign that there is in fact no God.

4: Bob/Joyce: I now have deep respect for Joyce. I thought for sure she’d chicken out of parasailing. Although once you’ve zip-lined 17 stories into a pool the size of a postage stamp, soaring to a grassy field is probably cake.

5: Kami/Karli: These two were sort of a non-entity this time around, until the end. They spent the whole time being angry about Chip. Enjoy your mid-place finish, ladies, I doubt it will last.

6: Linda/Karen: Annoying editing, implying Blonde Mom delayed the parasailing by longer than she probably did. Oh, well, since the finish order had been more or less determined back a the airport, they had to look for tension SOMEWHERE.

7: Chip/Kim: Rooting for these two feels like a lost cause at this point. They’re a little to proud of their down-but-not-out finishes. Maybe they’re not in it for the money?

8: Marshall/Lance: These two are just assholes. Nuff’ said.

Eliminated: Jim/Marsha: I take back what I said earlier. I’d say there’s a place in heaven for ya, Jim, but the fact that Team Stupor Mario is still in the race and you aren’t is ALREADY proof that there is no God. Oh, well. Since I couldn’t even WATCH Jim make his parasailing landing, I’m glad he at least has time to seek medical attention for that knee. Bon voyage to the real class of this race. I’m not exactly really sure who to root for now.

The Russian delicacy was (IIRC) caviar and there was like a half-pound bowl of it. I’d gag too. And I like caviar. But not that much of it! :eek:

Wanna bet that Mirna has a phobia about fish-eggs*
*Not a moral quandry “I’m a vegetarian, but at the same time, I want that million” which I could respect (and wanna bet that she’s not a vegan, but rather a lacto-ovo veggie in which case, eggs should be fine?) but a freak-out “Omigawwwwwd! I just caaaaaaaaan’t eat that! I’ll throw up! I will! I’ll get mercury poisoning from eating seafood! Omigawwwwwd! I can’t do i! :: sob :: I just :: sob :: can’t! But what will Phil think of me?”

As it stands now, I think I’m rooting for Colin and Christie (Personality-Free First Placers). I’ve been getting the feeling that we don’t see much of them because they don’t have nearly the entertainment factor of Alison and Donny, and because we’re going to be seeing a lot of them as the field thins, and the producers don’t want us to OD on the Good Guys too early.

Shortly behind them are Bob and Joyce (did you see how excited Joyce was for the paragliding? I really liked her for that.) and the Bowling Moms. Although, I’d really like to see what the fallout was over the moneychanging incident. Did we all miss something?

Chip and Kim are also on my short list. If only for Chip’s comment about how they couldn’t have any more kids after the paragliding. :slight_smile:

I hope the twins catch hypothermia for being too stupid to find the path to the island. The Jerky Boys are obnoxious but not funny, and therefore I don’t care. Kevin and Drew they ain’t. The God Squad make my teeth itch. Charla and Mirna … well … I can’t say I was upset to see Charla get electrocuted by the fence (honestly, who touches a fence that keeps cows in?), and I actually threw something at the television when they said they needed to get on a plane to go to the doctor, for chrissakes. I’m all for cheating, lying and stealing, but that’s unforgivable. What we didn’t see was the guy directly behind them with one leg hanging by a thread who didn’t get a ticket because the airline workers didn’t believe he needed a doctor. grumble cuss

And yes, jsc, it looks like they’re headed right for Russia on the next leg. Seems a little far, but maybe there’ll be a lot of tricky flight connections. Always a wonderful opportunity for someone to fall hopelessly behind. :slight_smile:

Rooting for: Chip & Kim (They’re my team in the office pool!) but I don’t think they’re going to go too far. I don’t think they have a real hunger to win this thing.

My pick to go next: I would be satisifed if any of these teams left - Pizza Guys, Twins, Christian Couple (Love the title Team Blue Lagoon!) or Charla/Mirna.

I had been rooting for Charla and Mirna, but I’m not happy about the “I need a doctor” lies.

I’ve had to go begging for medical help and special treatment for my husband (who’s disabled) before, and it’s already hard and people are extremely cynical. I can’t root for someone who makes it even slightly harder.

Which sucks because they make me laugh.

Oh, I forgot.

Colin, “Mr. Intense,” with his little “Stop talking because you’re so high-strung” comment needs to get his crotch slammed in a car door.

That is all.

See, but that line made me like that team even more. It really annoys me when people can’t recognize that they’re not helping, and may be hurting a situation by not stepping back. The airline counter is one of those situations when 2 people asking for the same thing at the same time is incredibly counter-productive, especially since airline attendants have a great deal of discretion.

I don’t understand why Jim and Marsha didn’t try to bribe a passagener off the earlier flight so they could get their stand-by seat. “I’ll give you $300 not to get on that plane.”

Charla and Mirna are very annoying. I hated the doctor lie. It was, however, interesting that the guy at the chocolate factory was a dwarf, too. I wonder if they (the TAR folks) planned it that way.

I hate the brothers. He was such a wimp about the chocolate task! And the “bitch!” comment was accurate, but totally out of line.

Right now I’w like Bob & Joyce to win. Failing that, I’d like Chip and Kim or the Bowling Moms. Everyone else can fall off a mountain for all I care.