The Amazing Race 8/24

Everyone’s back on the same time-slot :slight_smile:

With M&C gone, I bet this week will be a little less colorful. Here’s to hoping the editors have a few “wink wink” moments in store for us.

With 3 remaining non-elimination legs, this will almost assuredly be one of them. I can’t decide what I hope to see more: a good racing team like Colin and Christie having to race with no money or a very poor team like the twins. Either would be a test of their abilities, but both would be interesting to watch.

I fear that Nicole is close to snapping. They are my second favorite team, but she seems dangerously close to uttering the dreaded “I want to quit” line which will leave them dead in my eyes.

I agree with Mullinator that this is apt to be one of the non-elim legs. Although I’d love to see Colin and Christie handle the no-money issue next week, I suspect that the “Colin’s going to jail” teaser from last week’s promos is overblown, and they come nowhere near last place.

I assume it’s about time TAR gets the heck out of Africa. I wonder if they stick with the theme of Third world countries. India, maybe? They did India last season, but it’s a big place. I assume most Islamic countries are out due to safety concerns

Prediction: the Twinks come in last tonight and get stripped of their cash. Next week, they take far too much time “flirting” for cash, sag way behind the other teams, and are eliminated. The Moms go the week after. God Squad goes cashless the next episode and lags behind, leaving the finish as a horse race between Chip/Kim and Colin/Christie.

I think it’s scheduled to be non-elimination, but I’m kind of hoping that we find out what happens if one of the players in a non-elimination leg has to go to a third-world jail for six months. :wink:

Okay, I know it’s not really going to happen, but it is very possible that this may slow C&C down enough to come in last this week. They’re outpacing everyone on the travelling not on the actual events and falling behind in that (since they didn’t appear to be out of Tanzania in the preview when that happened) will give them problems.

I was half sorry to see Mirna and Charla go since Mirna gave the series a good lunatic to dislike and Charla (even with moments of madness herself) had the “decent racer chained to a nutjob” thing going on. Presumably Colin is going to be stepping up as the race’s resident villain.

I don’t see the Twins as having a problem with begging for cash (they have the blond twin factor going for them) but I could see problems for C&C doing it. That’s a discussion that can be saved until after we find out who’s going to be begging for money, though…

Are you there, God? It’s me, rockle. Please, please, pretty please with cherries, I have a favor to ask of you. I know you have your hands full with Brandon and Nicole, and I know how much they desperately need your help, inasmuch as you made them beautiful but also very dim. But if you could fit it in, could you please find it in your heart to land Colin in jail for a very long time? Please? I’ll stop asking to win the lottery if you do this for me. Pinky swear. Amen.

I don’t even want to give him that much credit, for villainy. I just think he’s a Grade-A Jackass, and as much as I hate vomit, watching him retch that egg was pure joy. I think Christie’s going to start to fall apart, and Colin’s going to become more and more belligerent. To me, he’s one of those scary guys who compete with anyone for anything, no matter how small or trivial. I also agree that Nicole doesn’t seem like she’s going to last, either. The sheer visible stress level of all the teams–with the exception of Chip and Kim which if our God is a just and loving one will tear all the other teams a new one–is becoming crucial to their performances at Roadblocks and Detours. And this is where I really think Amazing Race excels as a reality show, in that we get to see how people who know each other really deal with the nature of their relationships and their interpersonal dynamics.

rockle :smiley:

[Loud Booming Voice]
Verily, my daughter. Knoweth that even as Colin is an abomination in thy eyes, so is he cursed in the eyes of the LORD. For hath not the LORD bestowed upon him a tummy that is queasy? And hath not the LORD caused his hair to look goofy in that one intro spot on the boat? And hath not the LORD called upon the harpy MIRNA to flagellate and distress Colin?

Trust, then, that the LORD hath a plan for Colin, and in due course shall seperate the sheep from the goats and thereby position Colin unto the LORD’s left hand. And if perchance a prisoner tradeth Colin for Turkish cigarettes, thou will know that the LORD truly works in mysterious ways.

**rockle ** & **zut **

clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap :slight_smile:

Mind you, this is the same God who allowed Flo to win $500,000 two seasons ago.

But remember, Much, so sayeth the Lord Hisownself in a loud booming voice:

No, God allowed Zach to win. Flo was just along for the ride.

OK, Colin is now officially the biggest jackass to play the game.

Remember Wil and Tara?

(I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just saying, “Remember Wil and Tara?” :wink: )

Or, just the biggest jackass EVER!!!

I know that this is a game about skill, etc, and not personality, but I really, really hope he doesn’t win. He does not deserve it. He is an ugly, ugly man, inside and out. I have worked with many battered women and families, and he just reminds me so much of the abusive spouse—telling Christie she is making it worse, etc. And by the end she believed him and said SHE was wrong for giving him a hard time. (Note: I am not saying he batters her, but I am saying he has that controlling personality in spades and that’s why I can’t stand the idea of him winning.)

Ay yi yi. I can’t take this level of stress!

Everybody thought Mirna was overreacting when she called Colin a “maniac” and a “criminal”.

Chip is getting just a little annoying with the " I’m the nicest person in the world" crap.

I agree completely. Colin’s a total assclown, and by association I can no longer stand Christie. She hasn’t really done anything wrong, I don’t think, except repeatedly fail to knock him six ways from Sunday. Personally, I’d have left him right there in the airport. He could have gotten on his precious little charter flight, but I’d have kept my ass in a chair until Phil came to get me. Plus, I’d have stolen his stupid little head-light. Fuck him. Ghandi would have smacked him in the head. Million dollars or no, he is just not worth it.

Damn. Just when I was hoping for a little police brutality, he pays up.

I hates Colin, precious. I hates him.

Holy crap, Mirna was right!

It’s official. I am now a member of the **rockle ** fan club. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Christie needs to grow some ovaries.

I’m looking forward to Twins prostituting themselves next week. And getting rejected crossed fingers. And please please let **Tossled Hair Jesus Boy ** and **The Twig ** use the Fast Forward and get their heads shaved. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I would like to say to some of the teams:

Chip & Kim: Chip, quit tossing money around. Yeah, you’re being nice but if you run out of money like you did today you may not meet as nice a cabbie or you may just have to take one more cab ride to get where your going and not be able to pay. I’m not saying be stingy, just watch the cash.

Colin & Christie: Christie… dear… I would’ve smacked him, taken the money given the cabbie what you owed and walked off. He can follow. Then at the end of the race, if you win or not… I suggest dumping him.

Linda & Karen: You guys are doing good, keep it up and remember as long as you come in ahead of the last team, you still have a chance.

Brandon and Nicole and Kami and Karli I don’t really have anything to say to. But my GOD I just want to smack Colin. And what is it with throwing money? First Nicole, this time Colin? I want to see someone hit them for that. Seriously. With the bus, yeah they were getting jerked around but you are in a strange country. If you can afford it, I think paying up is preferable to the chance of being assaulted. Even then. And the cabbie was up front on how much it would cost. He told them before he got into the cab. Yeah he made you guys late but he wasn’t gouging he was charging what everyone else was. (Though they all could’ve been trying to make some extra off of the ignorant foreigners, like the guy who initially said 150. I wouldn’t know I’ve never been there.)