The Amazing Race 8/31

It’s at 9 pm tonight because of the RNC. I’m itching to see Colin shit a brick while making bricks…

I’m going to continue my not-so-surprising streak here and say that I hope, hope, hope against all reasonable hope that C&C Stupid Factory bite it tonight. Alas, though, since God hates me and loves nothing more than to see me suffer, I strongly suspect that The Twinks are going to be eliminated instead. Sigh. At least they deserve it, since they have somehow managed to be both stupid AND annoying since Episode One. Plus, their roots are starting to show (trashy!). But I seriously want Colin gone before I give myself an aneurysm from yelling at the TV.

Any takers on who’s going to get their heads shaved? Here’s hoping it will be Team Blue Lagoon.

From the Race Report - Amazing Race Email Bulliten…

[spoiler]Linda & Karen get into a dispute with a local cab driver, who gets the local police involved.

Infighting plagues a couple of Teams, who struggle to complete the Roadblock. Frustration leads one teammate to exclaim, “You know, I could do that much better than you!”

One Team chooses to go for the Fast Forward but is shocked to learn they must shave their heads. Will they do it and take the Fast Forward? [/spoiler]

SPECIAL AIRTIME Tuesday August 31, at 8PM ET/PT

My local has it at 9 et/8 ct. :confused: I’ll just start watching early, just in case.

I’ve got all appendages crossed that Brandon will have to shave his head. Please, please, please. I don’t give a damn if Nicole has to, just him.

I’m also looking forward to watching the twins attempt to whore it up for cash. At this point, I’d rather see them get eliminated than any other team. At least Colin and Christie are good for drama.

I’m guessing Chip and Kim on the Fast Forward shave their heads. I wonder what the reason for the shave is?

And a follow-up from last week, re the missing Roadblock. Check out the photo album at CBS’s site. The first few pictures show some sort of walnut market scene, and you can clearly see teams holding a red Roadblock clue.

Yes, it’s on early because of the Republican Convention. Blame Bush. :wink:

Also on tonight is the Jimmy Kimmel Live show with Mirna and Charla. Scheduled for 12:05am. It may be delayed by Ted Koppel talking to Republicans.

There’s a TV Guide interview with Colin today (warning: His spin on his adversarial relationship with Mirna may make your head spin right off). The only other pre-Philimination interview I’ve seen was with Mirna a couple weeks ago. Can this be a sign that this will be his week to go? Oh please oh please oh please?

FWIW this morning the AP Prep for tonights TV has TAR heading for Calcutta.

Hey Mama Tiger I recognize you from TWOP!

Interesting link, while Mirna certainly seemed delusional in her persecution complex, Colin seems to have some delusions of grandeur.

As much as I would enjoy seeing Colin buy it this week, I think it’s going to be either the Moms or the Twins. They’re the weakest racers left; the Mom’s wild swings of luck aside haven’t been really racing well and I think with the Twins its obvious.

I’m hoping Chip and Kim get the fast forward because you know that Chip is going to be saying “Sure thing!” and Kim will say “No way!” That should make for some entertaining television. Alternatively, the twins just to make them lose that “cute” for the next time they come in last in a non-elimination leg.

You know, I was writing this long-ass post in reply to you and I got so damned pissed off at Colin that none of it made any kind of sense. (Not that my posts usually do anyway, but whatever.) For fuckingoutloud, I hate him so much that I can’t even agree with you rationally. I even feel I need to apologize for this post.

So listen … God? We had a little conversation last week and as usual you were just messin’ with me when you replied. But seriously – is it so much to ask that Colin is raped by a herd of camels and left to die somewhere with vicious venereal warts or something? Is it really?

Hm. I’d been hoping he’d be captured by Bedouins and then sold into slavery, made a eunuch, and set to guard a harem full of ugly-yet-assertive women who won’t take his crap. But I think I might like your idea better. As long as they’re the rabid, spitting, biting type of camels.

Well, duh.

So, I know there are no guarantees, but is it for sure that someone’s taking the fast forward? I’d hate to get my hopes up for a shavin’ that never happens.

I guess the only thing we know for sure is that Colin and Christie won’t be getting their heads shaved. Does anyone remember if there was any sort of penalty for them when they took the FF?

Do we know if both members of the team have to have their heads shaved or just one? I’m sure that would make a big difference on whether a team opted for the FF or not.

From what I remember of last week’s preview, Phil said “… and which team will take the Fast Forward, only to discover they have to cut off all their hair?”

Those may not have been the exact words, but I’m positive that the implication was that the team in question wouldn’t find out about the head-shaving until they got to the end of the FF. And, of course, there’s the other implication that they won’t have to actually shave, just cut off the majority of the hair. I’m really hoping for the shave part. And I’m pretty certain that both team members will have to make the sacrifice.

I have this mental image of Brandon’s hair falling to the ground, and it makes me immensely happy.

Hi back atcha, Gangster Octopus! I actually was a Doper first, but for in-depth obsession I find TWOP the place to be.

I hate to say it, but I think they’re both at least partially delusional and I’m sure the truth is somewhere between both of their stories. Except that the more we see of Colin, the more I think Mirna may be right. Albeit with her drama-o-meter setting at 12 on a scale of 1-10, it does come out a bit stronger than reality woudl have it.

There was no penalty, but they had to complete the task. In C&C’s case, it was “move the sarcophagus from point A to point B.” For this next FF, it could be “go to the crazy one-eyed one-armed barber’s shop and let him shave off all your hair with a straightedge razor – we want to see your domes shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, people!”

In any case, if they don’t complete the task before the other teams, then they still have to go back and do all the other tasks. And they did make it perfectly clear that once a team has used one FF, they cannot use it again. Take that, Team Evil!

My vote is for both. And I’m hoping against all hope (against) that C&C try for the FF before they are told á la Nelson Muntz, “Haw-haw! You already used your Fast Forward! Ass-butts!” No, I don’t have anger issues. Why do you ask?

Favorite line??

Twig: Brandon, please help me.
Tossled Hair Jesus Boy: Lord, help her.
God: Dude. :dubious: What good are you?

(OK God didn’t say that, I did. But He was thinking it!!)
And I’m sorry, my hair is not worth [Dr. Evil] One MEEEEllion Dollars [/DE] I’m just saying.