Got that undiversified feeling? Rent a Negro!

My words could add nothing

Washington Post Story


I hire illeagle aliens. They’re cheaper.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

I like this one, too

*Originally posted by gatopescado *
**I hire illeagle aliens. They’re cheaper.

Now, do you use the Greys or the Reptillians? I have always been partial to the nordics myself.

Hmmm… I hope no “rent to own” ideas pop up.

That got pretty nasty last time.
To be honest, I thought this was going to be a racial rant and I was curious about it. Ends up being tongue in cheek funny. I’m sure someone will find offense at it, though. Since anything about race relations continues to be a hot topic. Look at what happened to that Barber Shop movie. (this kind of mirrors the article)

btw, WTF is with the Washington Post’s site? Having to register, and then getting popups?! Arrgh!

Thanks for the laugh, astro

aww… i was gonna say that.

ftr, that woman is pretty smart.

Satire or not, her name (or, at least, her web site) is getting a lot of looks.

Performance art. gotta love it.

I hope she goes forward with the second part.

Hmm… Someone’s gotta send that link to the “Friends” writers.

Here’s the funny part:

Do-It-Yourself Reparations Performance Project. I think that speaks for itself.