Government Shutdown 12/22: Real Shutdown, Bullshit Shutdown, or No Shutdown?

Actually, yes. I can’t think of anything good that the government does for me. But I don’t want to veer this thread off topic so I’ll leave it at that.

Off the top of my head: The CDC, the EPA, the FBI, the courts, SSDI, the military, the interstate highway system. Even though prevented somewhat in the age of Trump, it’s better to have these things than not.

My take: Congress passes a bill, kicking the can down the road for another two weeks. No funding for the wall so Trump vetoes it. Government shuts down. Now what? Are there enough votes to override? There are if the Republicans are afraid this will come back to haunt them, but will take a while. So real shutdown (unless the asshole blinks, always possible).

I voted bullshit shutdown, since I doubt they could get their act together. But who is coming back to DC in time to open the government back up?
If the Republicans are called back, cutting into their vacation (some of them their last vacation in Congress :smiley: ) they will be royally pissed. Which is good.

I voted Real Shutdown. I think incompetence* and stubbornness** are about to collide with calling a bluff*** and having nothing to lose****, and I don’t the think the presence of a bunch of mentally challenged do-nothings***** is gonna even cause a swerve.

  • = Trump
    ** = Trump again
    *** = Democratic Senators and Representatives
    **** = Dems again, but specifically Pelosi
    ***** = GOP Senators, Representatives and others

Of course, they predicted a Hillary landslide too.

The rest of the World being against a wall is a negative for the U.S. ?
Please enlighten me .

There have been numerous government shutdowns over the last several decades. Which one(s) resulted in anarchy?

Big dance number, Kelly wearing a skirt made out of ties.

You have posted hundreds of these sorts of questions on this message board. Are you ever satisfied with the answers?

Did I say any did? The poster I was answering wants a long shutdown. I was making a prediction. As in guessing a future event.

**Government Shutdown 12/22: Real Shutdown, Bullshit Shutdown, or No Shutdown?

**It’s Donald Trump. It’s gonna be bullshit. No matter whatever possibilities of things it could be, it’s gonna be bullshit.

No, they didn’t. They gave the highest chance of for Trump to win, at the end giving him a 1 in 3 chance just before the election.

Your Florida link shows only a 55% chance that Clinton would win. That’s a little bit more than 1 in 2, i.e. a coin flip.

Please learn how to read percentages and don’t repeat untruths that someone else told you.

FiveThirtyEight is still just as accurate as it has always been. They are the only ones who properly factored in a 3% polling error, which was enough for Trump to win.

Oh, and they were quite accurate in the midterm election, getting the House forecast exactly right, and only slightly off for the Senate. So that whole “polling is useless” meme needs to die.

No way is Trump going to give up 16 days of golf at Mar-a-Lago to stay in DC. Important stuff matters to him.

Whoa, a prediction that Hillary would win Florida by 0.6% of the vote is a prediction of a Hillary landslide?

Seriously, dude, you need to up your game when it comes to reading your own cites.

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Oh alright, I’ll bite.

No - you enlighten us, in bullet point form, how it’s a positive, without any references to them ew-like brownish types.

I voted “no shutdown” but am torn between that and “bullshit shutdown” if those are the only options. I think most likely they will pass a temporary resolution to keep the government open until after Christmas and take it up in January. Although I’m sure the GOP won’t be happy about that since they’ll have less control then. So that might tempt them toward at least a “bullshit shutdown.” :rolleyes: Although they probably really wanna get outta town, so that means continuing resolution.

Sure. But your prediction has no basis in reality.

Read the first quote again. A prediction based on the stated conditions. I don’t give a fuck if it’s never happened before.

Much to my surprise, Trump’s given us Federal workers the day off on 12/24.

Doesn’t change the definition of a bullshit shutdown, for purposes of this poll.

I think it’s a tossup between no shutdown and a real shutdown, with the latter being due to elements in the GOP or DJT not being able to attempt to demand some bullshit added to a continuing resolution and the Democrats being happy to stick DJT with his Trump-shutdown and wait until they have a majority in the house to go back to the negotiating table.