Governor General of Canada resigns after “scathing” report on workplace harrassment

Julie Payette hates her job

Man, can you imagine someone as competent as Northern Piper in the federal government?!? Never mind GG, Northern Piper for Prime Minister! :slight_smile:

I agree!

Northern Piper for Benevolent Dictator!

BTW, as GG he also gets a spiffy uniform.

Several of them, in fact, depending on the occasion.

The USA has a designated survivor.

Canada has a designated grump.

To help protect Canadians from our designated grump, we try to keep them busy with lots of time-filling ceremonial meetings with non-Canadian dignitaries.

New GovGen to be announced this morning.

Don’t tell me! Let me guess… Karla Homolka.

(Too soon?)

Mary Simon OC, Inuit leader from northern Quebec.

Some say Mary Simon should be bilingual - but she speaks English and Inuktitut fluently.

Well that took awhile.

It’s almost as if they realized they need to do a thorough vetting before appointing Canada’s acting chief of state. Maybe make a few phone calls to places she worked before? Modern technology and all that.

And it took months? :slight_smile:

They could have figured out the problem with Julie Payette in a couple of hours.

Haste makes waste. But the new GG looks like she could do a good job.

I think she should do all formal speaking engagements in Inuktitut. If anyone complains, tell’em immigrants should be learning the language(s) of the country they move to.

:: rimshot ::

High school graduates are awarded a GG’s medal for academic excellence, on the advice of some commission. A graduate I know got one last year, and his mom recently posted a picture of the medal on Facebook. Guess who’s on the medal: Payette in profile, with flowing long hair

(Icon above looks like a broken link, but it works)

I’m more interested in her expense account. Remember when it came out that Michelle Jeanne was still charging tax payers $1mil a year in expenses, several years after leaving the office? I wonder how many former Gov. Gen.’s are still running up ‘expenses’?

A quick google for Michaelle Jean’s expenses mostly turns up articles about her charging items to la Francophonie, not the GG’s office, along with a few articles about her travel budget while in the GG’s office. Did I miss a scandal?