MPSIMS not updating as threads added to?

This is odd.

I posted an update to a thread about Canada’s Gov Gen in MPSIMS:

But that thread isn’t showing up on the MPSIMS lists, at least not on my display.

And I wonder if this issue has arisen before, since Discourse wouldn’t let me use my original title: “MPSIMS not updating?”

I see it, and @QuickSilver 's reply as well.

The only way I can see it is to click on “Activity” in my profile. That takes me to the thread and I see @QuickSilver ’s post. It’s just not showing up on the MPSIMS page.

At least the problem of a grey dot showing 100 unread posts hasn’t shown up!

@codinghorror , maybe it’s just me. :grinning:

Oops. Never mind. For some reason it was
Muted. No idea why.

Honestly, calling it “mute” is a bit counterintuitive, to me at least. It’s more like a block feature. “Mute” would, to me, just imply “send me no notifications” like it does with posters.

Though I am wondering how you’re getting threads accidentally muted or followed.

I have no idea. I don’t see any reason why I would mute one of my own threads!