Governor's Island tour in NYC

I was browsing the web and came across this site on Governor’s Island off Manhattan. It says they are conducting tours through the summer. It also says that the island is being targetted for real estate development, so it’s reasonable to believe that sometime in the near future it will be shut down and leveled so Donald Trump can build a shopping mall on it.

But while the original buildings are still there, I want to see them. Anyone else interested in taking the tour. I’m busy for the next couple of weeks but it usually takes that long to get organzied anyway.

I’d be interested, depending on when.

I’m always up for stuff like this.

I’ve always wanted to see Governor’s Island. It always sat out there unreachable in the Bay.
Did you know that the island is mostly landfill? I’ve got a map from the 1920’s, and it’s less than half its present size. According to references I’ver got, they added 100 acres to its original 40.

I’m there, dude.

As I wrote in the OP, I’ll be out of town until around July 14.

Here are some NYC area Dopers that have posted to other past-n-present local get-together threads - perhaps they’ll stumble in upon their next VS:

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Oh, and in case anyone’s interested, a little cross-promotion: Hal Briston put the call out for a NYC Mini-Dopefest This Saturday (6/25), with himself, noctural_tick (in from Europe) & kittenlm.

Checked out the ferry dock (next building east to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, past some construction) this morning with the littlest Salamander. Ferry schedule 10:15 a.m., 11:15 a.m., then 12:30, 1:30 etc. until 5:30.

A dozen Hasidic women and their baby carriages were boarding the ferry as we left.

And it’s a two-hour tour. (A two-hour tour! The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed…)

Heh. I’m not even remotely local to NYC, though I have been known to travel for the MegaFests.

Sounds fun. Forgotten NY linked to a website of someone who went on the tour, and it seemed interesting. Count me in.

Sounds interesting. I’m probably in.

A bump to bring this back up. We need to start talking dates.

You’re arranging dates for us? I’ll take a tycoon with a fragile heart condition. Just kidding.

I’m in DC, but would possibly be interested. I’m a photographer (sorta) and would like the chance to do some indoor outdoor photos, etc.

The website you gave indicates that the development is supposed to be, or include, the “next great public space.” So, maybe they want to develop it like the Presdio in SF Bay? Isn’t that largely non-commercial?

Only the weekday tours are two hours. I went on a tour last Saturday and it lasted 45 minutes (although there were only five people in my tour group, so maybe we finished faster than normal). I asked the park ranger how the weekday tour was different from the Saturday tour; she said that the weekday tour is longer and you see more of the island, but you can’t wander about by yourself. On Saturdays you can walk around the historic district on your own, but the nice thing about the tour is that it lets you enter the Admiral’s House and Castle Williams, which you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

On Saturdays, the ferry TO Governor’s Island leaves every hour from 10 am until 3 pm, and the ferry FROM Governor’s Island in the afternoon leaves on the half-hour until 5:30 pm.

I’d be interested, depending on the date. I’m open for any day Sunday through Thursday, but I think weekends are probably better for more people, no?

Any weekend is good for me. I have to be a working stiff during the week, though.

Weekends are good for me.

Looking forward to getting punched for shamelessly flirting with Geobabe


We need to pick a date. How about Sunday July 24th? Or are Saturdays better?

If garius comes we can make it his “Welcome to NY” party.