GoVideo GoesBroke!

I finally broke down in February and bought something I’ve had my eye on for a decade: a dual-deck VCR, enabling me to copy my sizeable video collection, give copies of rare tapes (family gatherings, etc.) to loved ones and so on. Two months later (last friday), the manufacturer files for chapter 11, and the deck, still under warranty of course, breaks. I think on an hourly basis, I’ve paid something like 20 bucks per hour for all the use I’ve gotten out of it, and I have yet to copy my first tapey.

If I want it repaired, I have to pay the cost of the repair, of course, the warranty notwithstanding. It’s probably not worth it, but should I just suck this one up as a spate of bad luck, or can any good come from trying to complain to the applicance store that sold it to me, the credit card company I paid for it through, etc.? I don’t want to sink good time after bad, but neither do I want to just take the loss. This is just so irritating.