GPS tracking

How feasible would it be to have a GPS tracking device hidden in a small-ish item that will be linked to a website, updating its location every day or so?

Did you try Googling on “GPS tracking website”? I got 2.5 million hits.

Sure, but what I’m more interested in is a) size and b) battery life. I’ve seen items the size of a small mobile phone, but that’s far too big.

What you are asking for will be the size of a small cell phone.

That was my suspicion. Thanks.

They can be a bit smaller:

And if you have a cell phone, some carriers let you track that via parental control. If you have a smartphone, there are apps that do this. If you’re trying to track a car or other powered object, you can probably hook it up to the power system and not have to worry about batteries.

Nevermind; they’re about the same size. Sorry, I was misled by the cell phone reference.

Google Spy GPS. They will be the smallest.

The batteries last longer or shorter, depending on how often you ask it to upload the GPS data.