GPS treasure hunting

There are hidden treasures all over the world that you can find with your GPS. It’s called “geocaching.” See
A friend from Singapore is visiting and we spent the weekend crashing through the underbrush down by the Rio Grande. Found two caches. They were hidden ammo boxes full of toys and goofy stuff, nothing real valuable (except a new Swiss Army knife). But using the GPS to find them… what a blast! Has anyone else tried this? If you have a GPS, you have to check out this site.

I posted a thread about it here.

I’ve really enjoyed it. Hopefully our nice weather will hold out till this weekend and we can hit some more. I’m thinking of hiding two caches soon, one of which would be a “dice cache” with polyhedral dice in it (I’m an RPG gamer).

Hmmm, perhaps you should get yourself a copy of the Copper Scroll and try yer luck near Qumran.

This topic is already being discussed in the Cafe Society here, so I’m gonna close this one and we can carry on there. - Jill