GQ Mods: More of a question than a pitting.

I’m curious: As much as the GQ mods (samclem in particular) receive pittings for thread closures, you’d think that the GQ rules are strictly enforced. However, there always seems to be a number of threads in GQ which would seem to better belong in other forums. I’m not trying to Junior Mod; like I said, I’m just curious.

Some of the threads in question:

2005 Mustang v. 1970 Mustang: Which wins?

Nudity everywhere: does it make everything worse or better?

9/11 an inside US govt. job?

Please feel free to move this thread into a more appropriate forum if necessary. Thanks for your attention.


The 9/11 thread is asking for references to debunk something, not really asking for opinions on whether it’s true or not. The Mustang also seems as though it would be answered by factual information, and not opinion. And the third one is asking for specific statistics - while the phrasing of the thread title might sound like it’s asking for an opinion, it’s actually looking for facts (higher crime rates where there are more liberal views on nudity? etc.) I will agree that the thread has devolved more into an IMHO thread by nature of the replies it’s gotten - if not Great Debates.

At any rate, there certainly are frequently threads in GQ that belong elsewhere. If you spot them, you should report them. Chances are the mods just haven’t picked up on them yet.

Just my two cents.

We do have day jobs, we’re not all-knowing (yet), and GQ is a very busy forum.

The best way to respond to a post in the wrong forum is to use the “Report Bad Post” function. This will e-mail the moderators of that forum, who will in turn review the thread.

I did go ahead and move the first two threads you mentioned. As TellMeI’mNotCrazy said, the third does seem to be a request for sources, so I’m leaving that one for now.

Lies! :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile: