Graham Taylor as a turnip

Can anyone find me a copy of the infamous Sun mockup of Graham Taylor as a turnip? I find loads of references to it on Google but not the actual picture.

(By way of explanation, Graham Taylor was the England football manager in the early 90’s. They lost a crucial game to Sweden and the headline in the Sun newspaper was “Swedes 2 - England 1” with a mock-up of Taylor’s head as a turnip. This was the beginning of the end of Taylor’s career as England manager.

Oh, and in the UK “swede” is a root vegetable similar to a turnip.)

Yes. I can. Unfortunately I am unable to upload the image. If you can give me some means of sending it to you, I would be pleased to do so.

Graham Taylor the Turnip

Welcome to the boards! Hope you stick around. In terms of this thread, unfortunately it’s over 18 years old, and the user who posted it hasn’t been active here since 2013, so it’s unlikely they’ll see your reply.

To post an image, I understand you need to upload it to an image-sharing site, and then put a link in your post. More information in this thread: Web Hosting recommendations [For Photos].

They are called Rutabaga in the US FWIW

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to google “Graham Taylor.” Maybe 18 years ago he was more well known.

Damn not me, I wish. I couldn’t tell you mich else that happened in 1992-3 (I think I did my GCSEs?) But there is apparently a special section of my brain for international England football failures, including names of salient players, managers and years.

By a bizarre coincidence, I happened to be reading the Wikipedia page on “plant epithets” a mere two days ago (which mentioned this headline)!