If you supported the failed coup, step in here to collect your free turnip coupon

While supplies last.

Got anything in a parsnip, size 39 XL?

That’s the most popular one!

No coup attempt but I’ll take a turnip anywhoo

A coup is ok, but I prefer a hatchback.

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Will that be regular, or decaf?

May I accept the turnip with a nolo contendere?

As long as you promise to take care of it, always.

Promises, promises. This board is still shockingly light on root vegetable emojis, so here’s an amanita :mushroom:

:badger: :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger:
:mushroom: :mushroom:
:snake: :snake: oh, it’s a :snake:

Did the emoji come over? I quoted what I could. Just curious. :frog:

Guess not. Oh, well. Was worth a try.

It gives “When come back bring pie” a new layer of meaning :pie: :pie: :pie:

In the basement negotiations, the mods agreed to our stipulation that all turnip pie would be tax-exempt.

Can I trade anyone for a rutabaga?

I’ll take turnips. I’m just happy to have made the jump.

I said I wouldn’t be visiting so soon, but I got a special email invite or something, and I clicked a linky-loo and somehow ended up here. So howdy y’all.
One thing I do like is that we’ll get notifs when we’re mentioned, like on Facebook.

We wanted to get your opinion on this turnip pie :pie: (you being a squirrel and everything). What do you say?

I’m going to try responding by email. Squirrels don’t like pie. It’s too soft and mushy. We like hard things we can gnaw on and stuff in our cheeks. Pie is simply too slippery to be satisfying. And turnips are for rabbits. :blech :stuck_out_tongue:

I root for turnips.

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