If you supported the failed coup, step in here to collect your free turnip coupon

Does it come with a cunning plan?

Can I confuse everyone by asking for a swede?

I’ve been thinking about making a batch of Turnip Surprise. Have you got one that looks exactly like a thingy?

Ha! I know what a swede is! It’s an edjumacated rutabega with a foreign accent!

No celeriac?

So, where is this coupon accepted? Does it have a use-by-date? Can I get a coupon for a date instead? Preferably the fruit kind, but I’m open to eligible offers.

What a nut!

A prune isn’t a vegetable. A cabbage is a vegetable.

Do the Rutabaga boogie! Do it all the time! With a fresh rutabaga pulled right off the vine!

I sorta supported the coup and sorta didn’t, mostly I ate popcorn while encouraging both sides towards entertaining violence.
Can I sorta get some sort of turnip too?

Can you ferment turnips?

That’s the great thing about it. It doesn’t have to do anything!

Rutabaga is the only variety of turnip I’ll accept. But then I stayed out of the attempted coup, so no deal anyhow. Carry on…

We do have one that resembles a what-have-you, and tastes a lot like what-not. Will that do?

This coupon is void where prohibited or restricted by law. I shouldn’t have to tell you that. (And it’s valid only at participating locations.)

Well, you did share your popcorn, so what the hell–take two.

Depends. Is it a Hooterville rutabaga?

It’s a trap! - Admiral Ackbar

Slight (huge?) hijack. . .
what does the trident on your antifa flag signify?


Yes, to make turnip pickles. I’m not familiar with turnip prison hooch, but it’s hard to imagine it’s delicious.

Isn’t there a saying about how 80% of life is just turnip?

It’s actually the Three Arrows emblem.