I worry about my husband sometimes

Tonight, as a gag Valentine’s Day gift, I gave Airman a bag of circus peanuts. He likes them, they were on sale (can’t imagine why), and I figured “what the hell”.

For our V-Day dinner tonight, I made steak, carrots, mashed potatoes, and a lovely chocolate fondue. So what does Airman do? He spears a circus peanut with his fondue fork, and then dips it in the chocolate. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that.

And Aaron, showing his usual good sense with these things, took one look at the circus peanut chunk Airman offered him and turned it down cold. Smart kid. :smiley:


Peanuts are very good with chocolate. He is perfectly fine, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

I think she means the candy ones that I do believe only 12 people in the world enjoy the taste of.

Peanuts from the ground taste good dipped in chocolate. Circus peanuts from a laboratory do not. Airman was dipping the latter.


Count me in.


And thus you have created a monster. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just can’t get behind you. I don’t have a “sophisticated palette” or anything. I think Cadbury creme eggs are damn near the tastiest things that god and chemists every conspired to create. But, those circus peanuts? I’m gagging thinking about the first and last time I tried one. When I was seven. I blame all my adult problems on that moment.

I like circus peanuts. I bet they’d be great dipped in chocolate!!!

Well, sure, but you’re also a Tolkein freak from Wisconsin. What more do I really have to say.

Don’t worry, Rob. He’ll grow out of it. Just keep him away from the firearms for a couple of hours.

And they actually let you go home at the end of your shift? :wink:

You’d prefer they kept him ar work and risk contaminating the inmates ? :dubious:

I’ve never had a circus peanut, and I don’t want to buy an entire bag in case I don’t like them. What other candy tastes similiar so I can decide whether or not to risk it?

(And why am I not surprised to hear that Airman was doing that?)

At the Dope-A-Ween you attended we had some.

Nothing. NOTHING tastes quite like a circus peanut.

And for this you should be glad lest ye be convinced that there is no God.

The Master Speaks

They taste sort of like a combination of styrofoam and rubber. Really. Although I’d definitely try one dipped in chocolate, particularly if it made the insides somewhat gooey.

Careful, it’ll make your hair fall out.

Circus peanuts are awesome. Chocolate fondue is awesome. Circus peanuts with chocolate: not awesome. Not at all. I had an itch that I just had to scratch, and now that I have I am satisfied enough to know not to do it again.

Please, take my word for it. Honest.

Man. I haven’t touched those things in ages. Best recall of the flavor/texture was kinda like marshmallow peeps that had been made with drywall compound. Chocolate makes it marginally less oogy. :smiley:

They’re orange and taste vaguely like bananas.

I remember one day I found a circus peanut on the floor of my car that had to have been there for a couple months or so. There was no obvious gunk on it, so I bit into it. It was none the worse for the wear.