I just ate my very first circus peanut

Okay, so it’s true that I’ve made it to 28 years old without ever having a circus peanut. While to some that may not seem strange, you’ve got to consider my history. I was overweight growing up, until about 5 years ago. Trust me, I’ve rarely met a candy or a sweet that I didn’t like.

I think my shelter from the circus peanut came as a result of a torrid experience my mother had with them. I seem to recall hearing that when she was a girl, she ate a whole bag of them once, and proceeded to get sick. A circus peanut never passed her lips ever again.

So they were never to be found around the house. Today, I spied a bag at work. Hmm, thought I. It’s finally time to check out what I’ve been missing. Knowing that there is a great Circus Peanut Controversy™, I thought it might be time to throw my 2 cents in.

First off - orangey flavored? I’m not sure what I thought it would taste like, surely I didn’t think it would taste peanutty. Or did I? I was surprised.

Secondly, I figured the thing would be mushier, more like a marshmallow. I was surprised at how solid it was.

In all, I can’t say the circus peanut impressed me at all. I was able to stomach it, but if I never have one again…well, I won’t be disappointed.

Too bad I can’t say that about more candy. Then I wouldn’t have to start the Dieting Dopers thread all the time!

Earthshattering stuff, I know…

eeeewwww…I am not a fan of the circus peanut. I dont know how people eat those things. My mom loves them, but I think they are awful…yuck

Ick ick ick. They rate right up there with marzipan: lovely to look at when you mold them into all sorts of fun shapes, but definitely icky to the taste.

screech “Ciicus Peanut-hater extrordinaire” -owl

Ok, scout1222 lie down now! Keep your head elevated, and have someone get you 2 or 3 glasses of water. Avoid any contact between your fingers and your eyes.

I’m calling poison control, just hang in there champ…

I don’t believe you scout1222. Either you didn’t eat that vile poison known as the Circus Peanut or your death reflexes uncannily typed out a complete message board post. :smiley:

When I saw your subject line, all I could think was “You poor poor soul.”

My great aunt used to feed me those stale marshmallows when I was a tyke. Grew up hating them.

Heh. I have to say, the thing has made me thirsty. I have probably had about 16 ounces of water since. I must have more.

Still alive and kicking…so far.

And as for marzipan, screech-owl, I’m right there with you. Yuck yuck yuckity yuck!

Mmmmmmm…circus peanuts…

Unfortunately, the rest of this sentence was inadvertantly left off:

…fun to step on.
…fun to dent car doors with.
…fun to throw at mimes.
…fun to watch squirrels wrestle with.

[Curly] Oh, wise guy![/Curly]


But you didn’t tell us WHY?

They’re supposed to be orangey colored, but banannaey-flavored. I never got it. I never will. Satan must be involved in this somewhere.

Why, oh why, did you put one of those horrible things in your mouth, scout? You’ve been here long enough to know better.

Sheesh. That’s BANANA? Whatever it was, it was certainly a manufactured flavor, not a natural one.

I plead temporary insanity on why I chose to eat the peanut. I was weak, it was a slow afternoon. Forgive me!

Let’s see if Luckii Charms can put his roach down long enough to come in here and do battle with you peanutphobes.


Cranky, we are’nt exactly afraid of the hell-bound things.

We just don’t want to be in the same state with 'em.

I think as long as they’re fresh, they aren’t that bad, but if they’ve been on the shelf for a while…
My dad loves these things. Every year for xmas I buy him a bag, he wolfs them down. We stand back and watch, partially out of amusement, partially out of disbelief.

His cholesterol level was 350 the last time they checked.

CIRCUS PEANUTS are nothing but pure sugar. They are OH SO BAAAAAAAAAAAAD for you.

But…** DAMMIT!!!**
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the little boogers.

about TWICE a year.

I can’t HELP IT!

I get the CRAVING for em!

DAMN YOU SCOUT 1222 I want some…



Wow. I had no idea this would cause such grief. Please, swampbear, breathe in, breathe out.

And hell, have a peanut if you’d like.

::theme music plays::

AHA! So it was you dopers all along who were running the Great Anti-Circus Peanut Jesuit Universal Conspiracy of the Klan, or “GACPJUCK”, which is also the sound most of you make when you partake of the forbidden orange fruit’s sweet sweet goodness. I’m on to all the hidden connections of your evil plot.

Let’s see who yoe really are… ::pulls of screech-owl’s mask:: Why it’s old man JDT who runs the haunted tug-ahoy factory! He would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for this meddling kid.

As a side note- Cranky, not you too… “Let’s see if Lucki can put down his roach long enough…” Come on now, I’m sick of that haunting every mention of my name. FYI, I haven’t done any drugs since spring break, which was like 2 months ago, and even then I didn’t do much. I feel like KayKay, but without the supporters. Every time I try to post anything or even have my name mentioned someone pipes up to make a drug-related insult. Well fucking quit it, all of you. And Cranky, I was your Circus Peanut… geez. Even my user name comes from that (Lucky Charms marshmallows and Circus Peanuts reportedly have the same make-up, but obviously different flavors). I didn’t expect you to join the pile-on.

Scout- have a big glass of milk (or better yet Vanilla Instant Breakfast) at the ready and try the things again. I quite like em.