When is the last time you ate circus peanuts?

As a follow-up to “When is the last time you ate liver and onions?” and “When is the last time you ate creamed beef on toast (shit on a shingle)?” and the holiday-themed “When is the last time you drank egg nog?”, I present “When is the last time you ate circus peanuts?”

As we approach the season of candy, candy and more candy, I got to thinking about the most polarizing candy around, and I settled upon circus peanuts.

So when’s the last time you had one?

For me, I was a wee lad of under 3. I was visiting a great aunt, and she had a bag of them on a table. I tried one and it hurt my teeth and tasted horrible. Never had another, and that was well more than 10 years ago.

I tried one sometime during my childhood (easily over 40 years ago), decided that it was vile, and never had another.

My mother liked them, along with those vile jelly spearmint leaves. I’m sure that part of the appeal must have been that my sisters and I would not touch them after trying once!

Sometime in the last 10 years. I don’t know why, I’ve known since I was a kid I don’t like them; I suppose I just need a once-every-couple-of-decades reminder of how gross they are.

Many years ago I found a recipe that incorporated circus peanuts into an innocuous-seeming gelatin dessert. I gleefully whipped up a batch and brought it to the family Thanksgiving celebration, but didn’t tell anyone the “secret ingredient” until they’d tried it.

:dubious: “This tastes…familiar…but I can’t quite place it…”

“Circus peanuts.” :smiley:

:eek: “Oh god! Bleah!”

They never trust me anymore.

Over 45 years ago. And only once.

Circus peanuts are awesome!!! There’s nothing with the same mouth feel on the planet, not to mention the curiously chemical taste… :smiley:

I had one about 8 years ago. And it was disgusting!

I was too young to know better.

I’d say more than 1 year, less than 5.

I don’t have a particularly great memory most of the time, but for some reason, random, seemingly unimportant memories stick in my brain sometimes. The last time I ate circus peanuts is one of those. I was watching the film “The Falcon and the Snowman” in the theater with my brother. We’d stopped at a drugstore on the way to grab some munchies, and circus peanuts were one of the snacks we got. I have a very clear memory of eating a few of them during the film, thinking to myself, “I don’t really like these very much”, and then eating a few more to be sure. I was a kid, and it was candy after all, so it didn’t make much sense. But no, I definitely did not like them and stopped eating them. So, since “Falcon and the Snowman” was in the theater, it would have been 1985. Again, no idea why this memory has stuck in my mind; it wasn’t particularly traumatic or anything.

I tried them as a kid, but didn’t care for them.

More than 10 years ago. Possibly more than 50 years ago.

I would guess that Circus Peanuts are a very, very distant second/third to things like marzipan and licorice. But I can’t remember the last time I had a CP – probably as a kid.

I kinda like them. Once on awhile, they’re good!

When was the last time I ate one? over 10 yrs ago.

When was the last time I gagged at the thought? just now.

I’d be somewhat curious to try one again, but it’s been around 30 years I think since I’ve had one.

I vaguely recall trying one on a long-ago Halloween. I thought it was gross, and I never had one again - maybe 50 years or more?

Not since I last had a Killer Shrew.