Gram Parsons tribute concert 1999

Emmylou, Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Chris Hillman, Steve Earle, Victoria Williams and more, playing Gram Parsons songs. I am wetting myself. And not with urine

Thanks for posting!

Quick call to @EinsteinsHund, as I know he’s another big fan.


Thanks for posting this, Mike_Mabes, and thanks for informing me, Treppenwitz! I didn’t know there was a concert, but it seems like the artists are the same as on the 1999 Gram Parsons tribute album “Return Of The Grievous Angel”, which I own and cannot recommend enough. I’m looking forward to watching the concert when I have the time.

and @Mike_Mabes

-y’know, I think there’s a bit of a sartorial homage going on with one or two of the performers. Compare the drummer (@ 36.55, say) with this, for example.


Thanks for posting this! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Went back to put this on in the background and it’s been removed :cry:

Is this the same concert? Listen/download quick, in case it gets taken down too.