Grammar style changes

It’s been ten years, but I’m getting back in the swing of writing college papers. I’ve noticed that the grammar function of the word processor ( MSWord X)keeps prompting me to eliminate spaces after a comma. Did I miss the memo on this?

One more question; what are the German post-reform rules, and should I use them or not?

Never mind the first question, my eyes weren’t seeing the spaces (both of them) that I was putting in after the commas.

Sender, as a start, you could refer to this page:
You may want to google the term “Rechtschreibreform”.

mmmmkay . . . should I have mentioned that this paper is ostensibly being written in English on a US version of MSWord?

Nevermind, I’ll research the German post-reform rules as applied to English grammar and if neccesary post in IMHO about whether I need to use them.

. . . unless I am once again playing the straight man in some bizarre GQ comedy routine. :smiley: