Grammy slang help wanted.

There’s a line in I Like The Way You Move that goes:
But I know ya’ll wanted that 808
Can you feel that B-A-S-S bass?

What does 808 mean?

IIRC, an 808 is a particular kind of drum machine used to produce beats.

The Roland TR-808 is a classic, and I mean classic drum machine that you’ll find performing on more recordings than you can shake a drum stick at. It’s also been heavily sampled and copied.

You’ll find it mentioned on lots of songs.

And it apparently inspired these guys - , although I used to think they came from Hawaii (area code 808).

“With everybody breakin’ down, make no mistake,
Nothing sounds quite like an 8-0-8.
Money makin’, money money makin’,
Super disco disco breakin’”
– The Beastie Boys, “Super Disco Breakin”

Yep, as has been stated, it’s the Roland TR-808 drum machine. LEGENDARY bass drum sounds – a staple of hip-hop.