Grandfather 1, Leopard 0

Only in Kenya… from Reuters via MSN

I didn’t know ripping the toungue of a leopard would kill it.

Doing so with your bare hands though- that’s badass.

When the Enquirer got ricined, did all the hack writers move to Africa? Because so many of the stories coming out of there reek of BS. Lion saving a kidnapped child? Shyeah, right. Baby rescued by dog? Turned out not to be true. Boy raised by apes? (That one has a little more staying power it would seem, I blame that bitch Jane).

I’m calling “I don’t think so” on this one, too. The jaw and tongue muscles of leopards are very, very strong (as are the rest of the leopards). To think that the cat just sat there pleasantly while Grandpa “gradually managed to pull out its tongue” is plucking at the coverlet of believability.

. . . Unless it happened in Alabama, where the Tonguesaloosa . . .

Count me skeptical as well. I can see a strong man getting a good yank on a leopard’s tongue, but afterward he’s going to be collecting his intestines from all over the landscape where the animal’s clawed back feet deposited them.

Hell, have you ever even given a kitten a pill? Try and survive that unmaimed.

Eve, per usual, you SLAY me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, what a horrible pun.

Maybe it was a gummy leopard.

Well, at the end of the article they say that Reuters confirmed the story with Kenyan game officials. And it’s not as if they said the guy was unharmed. He was treated (for free, since he’s a hero n’ all) at the local hospital for leopard wounds.

Wow, leopards must really be a big problem if there’s a whole hospital just for leopard wounds.

I know a guy who killed an attacking dog like that*. Only he didn’t rip out the dogs tongue. When the dog leaped on him with its teeth bared the guy’s arm went down the dog’s throat. The dog fell and whatever the guy was clutching at the time (trachea, guts, whatever) came back up with his hand.

*Or so he claims, but I have no reason to doubt him.