Granulated Sugar Clumping

I’ve got a problem. I keep my sugar in a Tupperware-style canister on my counter, so it’s handy when I make tea.

Lately, though, when I open it, the sugar is clumped and hard to measure. I try to break the clumps up before scooping, but it’s still difficult to measure.

I’ve tried the brown sugar trick (stick a piece of bread in to control the moisture) but that seems to have made it worse. What can I do to prevent this? Is it weather related (we’ve had unseasonably cool weather lately)?

Sugar clumps when it gets damp. It doesn’t take much water, even leaving it open on a humid day can be enough. Once you have water in your sugar, the clumps will reform, no matter how vigorously you break them up. The cause of the problem, water, remains. If the dry bread trick didn’t fix things for you, you might try adding one of those dessicant packets that come inside bags of dried mushrooms or similar foods. Is your sugar container getting old? The lids of Tupperware-like containers tend to get leaky after repeated use. Maybe it’s time for a new sugar jar.

It’s not actually my sugar canister, which complicates things. It belongs to my roommate.

I may try the bread thing again, and if it doesn’t work I’m gonna get a new canister, I guess.

Its very humid here, so the sugar clumping is a great problem I’ve found using an unsalted soda cracker or two works very well.