Why cant I locate a sugar dispenser

Ok, I drink a lot of tea, I buy sugar in the milk carton things, and transfer it to a little tupperware container. In the end, I have a mess of granules on the counter. I thougth about getting a sugar dispenser, like the ones you see at Denny’s and such. Here is my problem, the steam from a fresh brewed cup of tea while pouing sugar with one of these, tends to create too much moisture on the spout of the dispenser. Over time, this glues the flap to the dispenser, and you have to clean it out, silly if you ask me :slight_smile: So I want a more permanent item, something that holds a lot of sugar, resides on the couter, and dispenses suage to the cup in teaspoon increments, or some such thing. All I can find on ebay are the stadard normal run off the mill been ripped off from Denny’s style things, anyone seen a sugar afficionado’s dispenser, something that would allevate my troubles and be kind of cool at the same time. I am not interested in adjusting my lifestyle :slight_smile: to perhaps put the sugar in before the water, or using cubes etc…

Use a syrup dispenser like one of these. Bury an unsalted soda cracker in the sugar to prevent clumping. Also avoid holding it directly over hot liquids. Pour sugar into a spoon first so there will be less crust formation on the dispenser. Look under Restaurant Supply in your Yellow Pages. Phone and ask if they sell single units. Peruse their entire selection while you’re there. You might find something you like even more.

You could use a shaker such as what is used for parmesan cheese. I don’t see those holes clogging up anytime soon.

Use cheap crappy sauce dispensers like these you can buy by the case and throw 'em away if they get grotty.

Or use what bartenders use - sugar syrup, and a bottle with a measured pourer. Just make your syrup strong and sweet.

You could put your sugar in the cup first, THEN add the tea to it, thus eliminating the steam problem.

This handy little item (fourth from the bottom of the page) will dispense 1/2 teaspoon when you turn it upside down. You really should keep a dessicant such as an unsalted soda cracker in your sugar dispenser, anyway. This will help, not only with the steam from your teacup, but also with caking due to normal humidity (I’ve no idea as to your location, but I’m sure you have at least SOME exceptionally humid days where you live).