What Happened To Sugar Cubes?

They used to be all over when I was a kid in the 70s but then they slowly disappeared from resturants.

Was it hygenic issuse? Or was it the populartity of sugar substitutes? I mean people thinking if we have to put Equal and Sweet ‘n’ Low in packets why not be consistant and put the sugar in a packet too?

Cecil article. Notice the date. :wink:

Fancy brown sugar “cubes” (more like lumps) are de rigeur in fine restaurants.

I still see regular white sugar cubes occasionally in restaurants, and they are available in the grocery.

I like the lump format. It allows me to take the smallest one, on the rare occasions my tea needs sugar.

Wasn’t Cecil around in the '60s? :smiley:

Thanks for the link, and I thought I had read all the columns. It makes sense, everything seems to be about cost, but you’d think with all the fuss about excess wrapping and wasting paper it might be time for a comeback

Well, the general public would want wrapped sugar cubes. People are just as “fussy” about waste as they are about hygiene. Actually, I’d venture to guess the general population is more fussy about hygiene.

You don’t want someone sticking their hands in a sugar cube bowl to grab a sugar cube, or an already-licked spoon, or for a kid to touch every cube and leave it in the bowl. Even sugar dispenser canisters are more hygienic than a bunch of cubes in a bowl.

Until someone invents a single-cube dispenser that isolates cubes from the outside air until they’re needed, packets are going to be the preferred method of sugar delivery.

I’m picturing a slightly modified PEZ dispenser. I can smell the money!

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Biffy did.


I’ve been to quite a few cafe/casual eateries that have a jar with a spoon for sugar or brown sugar, and nobody seems to mind about that. Admittedly such places often do have packets available as well. I don’t recall if I’ve ever been to a ‘nicer’ restaurant that had a jar with a spoon brought to the table. I think I have, but I can’t say for sure. That format seems to me the best - you can take as much as you want, and it’s no better or worse than the cubes.

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I’ve seen wrapped sugar cubes - usually two to a pack.

I recall the shops that had sugar cubes, had tongs for the sugar cubes.

It may be more common in Europe. I recall getting served sugarcubes with my café in Paris, for example.

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Yes, they still sell them in the stores, I’ve seen and bought C & H brand sugar cubes at the grocery store. Last November the Princess wanted a tea party theme for her birthday party, so I served chamomile tea in tiny cups and put a bowl of sugar cubes on the table for the guests to help themselves. The six girls who showed up loved it.

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FWIW a bowl of sugar cubes seems to be the default option in Kazakhstan in most places serving tea/coffee that we’ve seen so far.

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