Graphic composition & symbology question/speculation

I recently bought a charming old model kit, the Bachmann Americana “Fisher Boy”. It’s a little figure of a country boy, accompanied by his dog, returning from a visit to the fishin’ hole, straw hat perched jauntily on his head.

The box is the intriguing part. The picture on the box top is a front-view photograph of the model. And it’s flipped. If the picture weren’t flipped, the boy would be walking diagonally toward you and toward the left.

But flipped, he’s walking diagonally toward the viewer and to the right. It’s not an accident; the photo has been retouched so that the lettering on the “NO FISHING” sign is legible (not mirror-image).

So now the question: Why would they do this?

I know that rightward travel in the movies is considered to be toward the east. And I think Americans in general associate leftward (westward) travel with progress. Could they have made the boy walk eastward to make him look more nostalgic?

Your thoughts? And other examples?

I’d have to see the box, but often it is nothing so symbolic. Where, for instance, is the print on the box? The manufacturer may have its logo at the upper right*; the correct photo would have put the boy’s head under the logo (and the manufacturer would have wanted the logo to be in the same location on all boxes).

Also a right to left diagonal image is more the way people read; from your description it was the opposite.

*as I interpret your description; if I’m wrong, substitute “right.”

A good point, but I don’t think so; the image of the boy is basically an isoceles triangle, with his head at its peak; the logo & other printing is contained in a wide colored band to the right of the picture. Seems like the photo could have been either way, printing-and-logo-wise.

Perhaps the symbolism wasn’t really conscious; perhaps it merely looked “better” to the designer, because he-or-she got a warmer, more nostalgic feeling from the flipped layout? I suppose there’s no way to really know.

Has anyone out there deliberately invoked rightward-travel-as-nostalgic symbolism in a design you were doing?