Visual misinterpretations

I was driving behind a pickup with a deer decal today. For the longest time (and still if I don’t force myself to see it right) this looked to me like a little man, clutching his chest with his right hand, while his head is engulfed in flames.

As a kid, I couldn’t figure out the old post office logo. My mom told me it was a bird, which made me think of robins and such, not an eagle with a huge uplifted wing. And I just could not figure out how that was a bird!

What images have you misinterpreted?

Frankly, I think this one for “SafePlace” looks like exactly the opposite of what it’s supposed to.

I couldn’t figure out the Post Office one, either.

Nothing else to add - just didn’t want you to feel like a freak.

I’ve never seen that before. I completely agree though - it looks almost like a parody of a real sign, with the bigger person “hugging” (ie, molesting or trying abduct) the smaller person.

When I was a kid I always found the Head logo slightly rude. I think I thought it was a stylised schlong, or something.

At first glance, I always think the Dodge Ram logo is a giant uterus. No matter how many times I see it, my mind always goes right to, “why is there a giant uterus on the back of that truck?!”, even though I know it’s the Ram logo.

Given that my first knowledge of that logo was roughly coincident with the release of Return of the Jedi, it has always looked like Admiral Ackbar to me.

OMG. Now I can’t un-see it.

Gah, it’s like something from Rorschach hell!

FedEx logo. Never saw the arrow until it was pointed out.

There’s a realty company in my area that has a logo that looks so much like a uterus and ovaries that even knowing it’s supposed to be a stylized bull, I still can’t see anything but girl parts.

Glad to share the love! At least I won’t be the only one seeing it now.

Or possibly Goatse.

I cant get past the Dominion logo looking like anything other than a backwards G, unless it is part of the full name…

I have to force myself to see a deer too. If I look away and look back I just see some celtic, gothy looking tattoo.

Looks like a hammer and sickle to me.

I was working at when we they released this new logo.

People complained that it looked like a devil tail.

This is supposed to visualize the warning signs of diabetes according to the World Diabetes Day website.

The first icon - the blue one - is just weird. The green one, on the other hand, makes me think “OMG where’d my schlong go!” not “OMG I’m losing weight”, which I figured out it was supposed to mean after reading a bit.

Oh, that’s his PANTS… I was so confused by the green one there. I thought that whole thing was a person, and he had a green triangle in him for some reason- trying to figure out "how does that mean weight loss? He’s lost a triangular part of himself?

I saw this one a few weeks ago and saw the same as you…I never figured out that it was supposed to be a deer! Thanks!

The Saturn logo always looked like a series of abstract curves and swoops, until someone here (in a oddly similar thread) pointed out that it was a partial representation of the planet in question.

I still can’t figure out if Amazon’s is an arrow or a smirk…

I saw a dancer for the longest time with that one…

It’s both. It represents a smile, and the arrow goes from the ‘a’ to the ‘z’ - i.e. “we have products from a to z”. I have always thought that it’s actually quite clever.