Designs with unintended interpretations

Every once in a while I see something; a car, a picture, a building, etc., and my brain makes a mental connection that I really doubt that the designers imagined would be made. Every time I see a new Lexus, I see Hitler’s moustashe.

I’d like to see some of the odd connections you’ve made between ideas based on nothing but visual cues.

That Lexus is more Darth Vader. Ugly, ugly car.

Oddly enough, I see Winston Churchill.

I agree with Burpo.

There’s a company called The Growbiz that I really don’t think intended to have their logo call to mind what it does (and this from a straight female who usually doesn’t spend a lot of mental time in the gutter).

Brings to mind a certain episode of, “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

There used to be a trucking company named National. Every time I saw their logo I couldn’t help thinking all it needed was a swastika to look just like the Luftwaffe logo.

There was a toy Harry Potter wand that vibrated. I’ll leave it to your imagination but this toy did not seem appropriate for children.

Close. It was a broom. Unless there was more than one vibrating Harry Potter product.

Courteney Cox wore a dress on an episode of *Friends *that had what I consider to be an unfortunate design placement. (I couldn’t find a picture of the entire front of the dress, but you get the idea.)

That is an unfortunate placement, but I would find preprinted encircled armpit stain more vexing.

I see two… the bloom of flowers from her vagina and the rings of sweat underneath her armpit. :smiley:

The Edsel front grill.

::shakes fist at two many cats::

Just google “Bad Logos” and you’ll find so many “phallic and worse” logos. What’s really jarring is walking down the street in Tokyo and seeing one of them in real life!

Here’s a good repository of bad decisions…

In the same vein, the Trump Ocean Clubin Panama City is (rather surprisingly) the reverse of phallic.

Stomping out the Nazis:

There is also this rather unfortunate Coca-cola campaign I saw signs for when I was in the Philippines.

Well, when you’re competing against Bathing Suit Girl, you gotta go all out and let the guys know you’re serious about your Coca-Cola products… and meat being placed in your mouth…

There was also the Hitler tea kettle. I don’t even own a tea kettle, but I wanted to buy one.

That’s a bizarre Time Magazine subtitle. “Oh, you mean THAT Adolf Hitler!”