Well, that's the most dodgy-looking logo I think I've ever seen in the wild...

I was in London last night to see in the New year (mental. I never want to be in the same place as that many humans ever again). At one point, we were herded past a row of little shops, cafes and restaurants - one of them was a German style sausage bar called Herman Ze German and… well… it took me a while to work out what the logo was actually supposed to be - which was certainly not the same as what it looked like at both first and second glances.


Why does it have two eyes?

He’s not a monster.

Just google “worst logos” for a lot of laughs, and you’ll find that Herman ze German isn’t really so bad after all.

Sure, I’ve just never stumbled across one quite like that in real life before.

Logo designer walks into meeting.
“Pardon me while I whip this out.”

screaming ensues

It’s futt-bugly, dull and combines too many mismatched elements, but I’ve seen much worse.

And it looks like a penis.

It also looks distractingly like a pill capsule. Just enough so that you wonder what kind of drugs were involved in its creation.

Butt you would eat it, right?

Well, there’s the rub.

Well I think he looks like a spunky little chap.

This is a Wurst logo. :wink:

It looks more like a bacterium with a mustache.

None of this is making me want to rush in and cram their wares in my mouth.

I also came across (huh huh, etc) this logo recently. Going by the corny name and tag line (“Our wurst is ze best”), I’m pretty sure it’s done knowingly.

If so, they should have gone the whole hog and had a tag line like “you want it inside you”

I believe whole hog would be “Put my wiener in your mouth.”

You can’t beat our meat.

Suck it!
Yeah…, I know, too far…