Unfortunate logos

Maybe you need a dirty mind for this but…

I see this logo for TAARP in several local businesses, it looks for all the world to me like a squatting person who has just shit out a gold nugget.


There is an even worse logo I can’t find an online example of, that looks like a dildo going into a butt lol. I think it is supposed to be a tower with a A frame roof, or a tower with the sun behind it.

Instituto de estudos orientais is the one.

Here you go, grude.

What is the TAARP one *supposed *to be and was it drawn by a child?

And are they aware that “responsible” is misspelled in their masthead?

Yea I noticed that, even stranger I assumed they were a local branch of the AARP you know like:

American Association of Retired Persons = AARP

Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons = TTARP

But it looks like they aren’t.

That last one takes the cake. I can just imagine the head slapping, open mouthed response when they figured it out.

YES! Heh I could swear I have seen that in real life.

That one has to be intentional.

The only way that even sort of makes sense is if you look at it upside down. Setting sun, reflection on water, shoreline… rivulet in crease? :confused:

It’s the sun watching a house setting over the horizon, with rays of light shining off its corners.


Wow. I think they should fire whoever’s responisble.


That one took me a second. I was all, "Well, another Doper said it was a good one … " squint "I don’t see anything … "

Then, like one of those Magic Eye drawings, the image resolved itself.

It’s a giant white butt getting ready to squat over the sun.



This is the actual logo on the side of actual trucks in the USA operated by the NBS Trucking Company of Bradford, PA, , presumable meaning “No Bull Shit”.


I was behind one once on the highway, so I know they are real.

How about this one - Herman ze German sausage restaurants in London:

Also, not exactly a logo, but this pack design is a bit unfortunate:

Most of these come up every time the topic is raised.

I was just today in a potential client’s office. About nine months ago, they hired a hotshot downtowny firm instead of me. Then they kicked them to the curb and started interviewing again.

Here’s the logo the hotshots came up with. Now, it’s not a bad design in any respect, but… well, without googling (which might or might not work, but some of you have mighty google-fu)… Tell me what industry/business/field this company is in.

What is this logo for?