Graphic promlem, again and again.

I posted a couple of months ago and while the advice worked, the problem keeps cooming back. I did updat the latest drivers for my Nivida Gforce 5600XT card. And it works great for a couple of days.

Every couple of days my computer keeps losing it’s display resolution settings and goes back to a lower resolution. I keep do cleanups and save setpoints regualrly to deal with this and just reboot to the saved setpoint. But it is getting to be a pain (alright, an inconvinance).

What happen is this, I have my KDS 17" monitor set to a high resoultion (like 1600 x 1024) and it is fine for four or five days. Then I power up and it comes back in at a lower resolution. WTF? Bug in graphics card? Going out and needs upgraded? Vengence from the web for surfing porn sites on Mozilla?

Any suggestions on what to dig into?

Could it be your monitor driver that needs upgrading?