Graphics Challenge Thread

The challenge: Create an image using this as a starting point:

You can use part, all, or just use it for inspiration. Post your results here to share!

Graphics Challenge 01
Graphics Challenge 02
Graphics Challenge 03

Test Pattern :slight_smile:

picture frame

While this is all good healthy fun, I’d like to suggest a different approach. Four threads within two days on the same topic is a bit much: the forum is fast-paced as it is, and putting all of this in seperate threads means other potentially interesting threads get bumped off the first page.

So, please post future Graphics Challenges and their responses within this thread. I will change the thread title to something more generic.

Great for flipping out and killing people! :stuck_out_tongue:

'ite, got one.

Clown. It’s pretty…

I think it would be too confusing to do it all in one thread… people wouldn’t know when there was a new challenge, etc.

If someone else wants to keep doing this, go ahead… but I don’t really see the point.

Awwwww, I miss the challenges. :frowning:

It helps me learn how to do graphics.

I could do them on Fathom if you want.

Well, if you do, at least use this thread to announce them, with links and stuff. Please.

We can try doing it on here. Whenever the thread is bumped, I look at it.

Btw, one of the good things about having it at fathom is that you can attach files to your posts, so you don’t need to host your own images. This might make it easier for people who don’t have websites to participate.

New challenge!

Graphics Challenge 05

Well, whether you announce them in a new thread or in an existing one, peope would read the thread to know what’s going on. Same number of page loads, less threads used, more different threads on the front page.

Since the group of people that’s participating seems not too large, and quite constant, I don’t see how it would be confusing at all.

Because it would be hard to keep track of what is what. Especially when there are a lot more.

This way is better anyway, because people can attach their image directly to their post.

How come no-one else has submitted theirs? :frowning:

I did Lola.

Yippee! :slight_smile:

It was getting lonely in thar. :frowning:

I just did mine :smiley: