"Grass" the movie.

Just watched it tonight. Pretty good movie, If you ask me.
Funny, and kinda interesting too. A good one for those who want to know something about the history of criminalization, but who are not inclined to read.
Anyone else seen it?
Here’s their website;
Check it out.
mangeorge (eere…kaff)

A movie about marijuana? Why would I have any interest in that? That’s not for me, no, not at all. Ahem.

I thought it was about mowing the lawn. Dang.
BTW, Cervaise, I checked out your site. S’awrite. :slight_smile:

I saw it last week. Quite entertaining. Did YOUR jaw drop progressively lower as they kept posting how much the Federal Gummint spent over various time-frames to discourage reefer-smoking? What was it…1937-1959: $220 Million…1985-1999: 750 BILLION? Something like that.

I enjoyed the art design aspects, being a big fan of Paul Mavrides, who used to collaborate with Gilbert Shelton on the Freak Bros underground comix. (They did a cameo, BTW!)