Grassfed bison.

I’ve eaten bison a few times, and I really like it. But I can only find it online. My main problem with that is all that styrofoam and packaging that comes with it, and the cost of shipping is also a factor.
Anyone know where I can buy fresh bison over the counter in the Berkeley, CA area? A reasonable drive (like “back east” to Martinez or Concord ;)) would be okay.

The meat counter at Star Grocery in the Claremont district near Dark Carnival bookstore often seems to have some.

Just don’t eat the styrofoam packing and you’ll be fine.


Oh. I get confused. :eek:

I figured there must be a bison producers’ association, and by golly, there is: The National Bison Association. For shits-n-giggles, I went to their buyer’s guide locator map, and here are the California bison producers. Looks like the Marina one might not be too far from you.

Also check local farmers’ markets. The one I go to in Long Beach has a seller of bison products there every Sunday.

Yes, yes; I know Long Beach isn’t near you, but that was just a frinstance. Gotta be some in the Bay Area.

I just call up my brother when I run out and see when he’s slaughtering next. I’m guessing 2700km isn’t going to count as a “reasonable drive” though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I once shot a buffuloed PolySci professor in her pajamas on Telegraph Ave. Very sticky situation. I’d tell you what I was doing in her pajamas, but then this would be NSFW.

Whole Foods is likely to have it at their meat counter. The one near me in Chicago always has ground bison, and usually has a couple of different cuts of steak. If you don’t see it, ask the butcher; they may have some not on display, or may get some if there’s enough demand.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.:slight_smile:
I’ve never seen the stuff in a store. Seen it, but never tried it in a restaurant. I will check out that association website.

I get the ground bison at my local Raley’s supermarket. I like it better than beef. It just tastes “meatier” than beef without being at all gamey.
I plan to go to Star Grocery, mentioned above, this weekend to see if they have steaks or roasts.