Gravity and EM unification

Here is a YouTube video of some mathematician/physicist explaning some new way of combining Gravity and Electromagnetizm:

Is this equasion mathematically sound?

How does it compare to Kaluza-Klein theory?

Here’s a discussion (initiated by the video’s author) on the Bad Astronomer’s site.

No to be dismissive, but if someone is seeking commentary on a very complex theory on non-academic public forums, and promoting his theory with You-tube videos, just as matter of form it it doesn’t tend to peg my credibility meter.

I thought disseminating a breakthrough in the hard sciences via youtube was questionable as well.

Nevertheless, the author did go through the steps he made to come up with the theorey, and admitted what mistakes he made, and thus revised the theory.

That dosen’t sound like a crackpot that claims he has some magic answer.

How difficult is it for an outsider to submit a paper (not in green ink, not single-spaced on both sides, not invoking Jesus and Buddha and the Reactive Mind… ;)) to a reputable peer-reviewed journal? Would he need to find someone on the ‘inside’ to sponsor him, or is it just a matter of mailing it to the … editor? moderator? chief peer?

The presentation is from the 2007 APS/AAPT conference, which looks like a reputable conference. Doesn’t mean that there’s anything to the theory, but there’s a good chance we’re not looking at a total crackpot here.

As I understand it, in principle anyone can submit a paper to a journal, but the process is so complicated that you pretty much need someone who’s been through it before to help you out the first time.